Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Em's Thriving Baby Shower Picks

As an eco mommy I love nothing more than spreading the good, Earth loving word on products for mommies, babies and kids! As the wave of baby showers continues on I love being able to share my favorites. Here are my top seven picks to make the ultimate Eco-Loving Baby Shower Gift!

1. & 2. Organic Cloth Wipes and Homemade Natural Diaper Spray. While I accept that cloth diapers are not for everyone, I like to think everyone can at least attempt to do use a few cloth wipes. No, not for those huge blow out poops...that is a nightmare. I mean for good ole' little piddle. With my favorite recipe for natural diaper wipe spray, not only will those new mommies save money on wipes, but they also get to feel good about doing a little reusing for the environment (I even include the recipe)!

3. Organic Cotton Reusable Nursing Pads. I used these when I was a nursing mommy and loved how soft and absorbent they were. But of course, what I loved most was not having to add to the landfill by tossing the disposables away after each use. So, as to be expected, I share these with all the new mommies!

4. & 5. Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Baby Bottle and Slow Flow Silicon Nipples.  While I did pump and store in plastic, I didn't want my babies to drink from plastic. While you may wonder, "What's the point then?", the point for me was I don't drink from plastic and didn't want my little men to either. So alas, I was thrilled to be given this bottle at my own baby shower (thanks Megs!) and quickly made it a staple for all mom's to have. I love that it never wears down or gets gross (like plastic does) and can be used over and over without worrying about what is leeching into my precious milk. The silicon nipples are also amazing (again staying away from plastic) and as my doula Nic suggested, I always stuck with slow flow so those babies would have to work for it! That and I was terrified of them wanting a bottle over me...like keep me up at night terrified. Thankfully that was slightly crazy and of course never happened!

6. Gentle Baby Roll On. As an essential oil lovin' mommy, I of course had to share my favorite roll on of all time...the gentle baby! This roll on goes on little feet following the regular bedtime routine and in my experience works like a charm! Even if it is just a crazy coincidence, I still stand by this roll on and have used it since my guys were little. Now that they are a bit bigger I even roll a bit on the back of their necks. They love it and hold their feet out to me after their jammies are on so I never forget. They are so easy to make and great for every new mommy to have on hand!

7. Handmade Natural Wooden Toy. These little gems are handmade by one of my neighbors and we LOVE them. Little ones can chew, suck, throw...barf...literally any and everything on these smooth, splinter free toys and an eco mommy can feel good knowing they are safe and sound. Each part is carefully crafted so nothing pops off to choke baby. Plus, no nasty chemicals or "made in China" scariness to worry about. Just an all natural, handcrafted and made with lots of love toy (the helicopter is seen here, but my boys have the cars). Don't worry, I stocked up!

While these are my go-to seven, I have also started to share the "Breast Feeding Bible"...The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. This book was a lifesaver when I was nursing the twins and I remember vividly pouring over it while the boys breastfed through the night. It answered so many questions and made me feel so knowledgeable and confident with anything that came my way. I love sharing this book and helping other mommies feel just as powerful as I did when breastfeeding. 

What are your favorite go to Baby Shower gifts? Mom's out there, do you still stick to the registry or give your personal favorites?

Strive to Thrive, 

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