Wednesday, February 24, 2016

DIY Essential Oil Roll-On

As you know, we over here at Thriving Wives looooove essential oils. We even have our own in house oil specialist in the form of my sister-in-law! Needless to say, aside from using them for cleaning, diffusing and pretty much healing any ailment that comes our way, my newest obsession is roll-ons.

Roll-ons are so easy to make, pocketbook friendly and make are great for yourself and your girls. I have been making them pretty much for everyone these days. Newly pregnant and having issues with all-day sickness? I have a roll on for that.  Feeling the stress of work catch up to you and get you down? I have a roll on for that. Want to keep a little something in your purse to freshen up mid day? I have a roll on for that.  

Even my boys have their own Gentle Baby roll-on. As part of their nightly routine we take our bath, have a coconut oil body massage (their favorite), snuggle into our PJs and then we roll! They run over and lift up their little feet knowing mommy will roll it on before we read our book.

So, take in this easy tutorial, place your orders and get rollin'!

These roll ons require only three things to make.
  • Glass rollers. I have a love affair with Everything4Oils on Amazon. I love their products and they have phenom customer service, which to me, means everything. They come in a pack of 6 and will surely use them all. 
  • Carrier oil. These oils will make up the majority of your roll-on as you only use 10-15 drops of your essential oil Not sure what to use? We've got you covered.

  • Essential Oil. I use Young Living essential oils because they have a seed to seal quality commitment which I appreciate. I am beeeeyond obsessed with my starter kit as it features 10 amazing oils (which can pretty much be used for everything) and you even get a diffuser with it! Say what?! I know. If you want to purchase a kit for your own home, Nat is still offering her $20 back offer so don't wait! Just email her at happyoilerlife@gmail and she will help you get everything you need. I have already been ordering additional oils just for my roll ons.  Why use perfume with all sorts of additives you have no idea how to pronounce when  you could have an all natural, 1/5 the cost glorious, roll-on?!

Once you have your supplies, simply take your glass roll-on, fill it nearly to the top with your carrier oil and top off with 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil.  Pop on your roller, secure the lid, give it a shake and let it rest. I tend to set them upside down, then on their side, then right side up as if it helps mix it all up.

After a few minutes, try her out and give it a roll. Wrists, behind the ears, chest, feet...I mean go for it! With so many options there really are no limitations. I add a colorful piece of washi tape to label my roll-ons and stash them away everywhere!

Just think, next time you are out and about and hear a friend expressing her issues with this or that, you can think to yourself, "I have a roll on for that"

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