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Monday, July 21, 2014

Make Your Monday - July 21st

Em spent the week trying to get the finished part of her home back in order with the constant help of her Thriving Mommy aka Full Service Assistant (she is really earning her keep, that one!).  Despite her stamina level being a low ZERO, her TH and TM have really stepped it up to help get things done.  With the final step of her #homeownerproblems being fixed on Tuesday, she will be able to put her house back together...yay!  Saturday, Nic and Em went to a wedding and enjoyed seeing lots of old friends.

You cannot control anyone else, but you can affect them.  Keep yourself in balance, work to find happiness and practice feeling good.  You will soon find that not only do others notice your positive energy, but people are drawn to it.  Only you have the power to send out good vibes and allow opportunities for those around you to receive and be influenced by them.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Make Your Mondays - July 14th

Em spent the week at her hotel trying to stay cool while also checking in on her home to see the progress of the new floors. She had the pleasure of spending Saturday at the spa getting pampered with her girl Ash as they both prepare for their last weeks/month of pregnancy.  Hopefully her #homeownerproblems will all be behind her soon and she can get that nursery done! Nic beat the heat by attending her first game at Dodger Stadium with her TH on Saturday, and spent quality time with BK while TH watched the final world cup game on Sunday. She also managed to finish up BK's 1st birthday invitations - we can't believe how quickly that is approaching (along with the appearance of the twins)! 

What do you want?  Are you putting it out there?  If you are, then keep it up and you shall receive! We have yet to have the Universe not answer our vibrations in one way or another.  Perhaps it is not always in the way we may have anticipated, but it only meant that there was something better waiting to align.  Never stop trusting in your vibrations and continuing to send out positive energy to get whatever it is you want.  We promise, positive energy will always be felt. 


Monday, July 7, 2014

Make Your Mondays - July 7th

Em welcomed the first weekend of July by helping her Full Service Assistant/Thriving Mommy move into her new beach house...and by helping we mean she laid on the floor with bubble wrap between her knees.  The rest of the weekend was spent trying to use any energy she had preparing her home for the second (and hopefully last) leg of her #homeownerproblems.  Nic welcomed the long weekend by focusing on her family - she brought BK to his first parade (but not first fireworks), had pool time, and even managed to go on a date with her TH!

There is nothing more rewarding than having someone tell you that you are a, "ray of sunshine" or perhaps,  "brightened their day", heck we even like being known as having "such a positive energy".  You never know who is having a hard time or who needs a little rainbow in their cloud.  So, why not do something little in hopes that it goes a long way.  You have the power to create positive energy within yourself... why not share it?


Monday, June 30, 2014

Make Your Monday - June 30th

Em didn't let the tail end of a vicious cold stop her from not only a date night out, but also spending a lovely Saturday in Long Beach for her friend Ash's golf themed baby shower.  She even took a break from her busy social calendar to help her TH start moving stuff to the garage before the new floors get put in! (Don't worry, she mainly stuck to vintage plate lifting..)  With Nic's recent out of town overnight shifts for work, she was thrilled to have a weekend at home with her little fam! They finally got to tackle some housework that had been neglected for a while...

Let's DO IT!  Start having fun with life.  Work or play, let's make the choice the start having fun.  Whatever is coming next is coming fast, so slow it down, relax a bit and enjoy! Each day is such a gift and is meant to be appreciated to the fullest.  Find joy in the things you must do and relish in the things you want to do.  Life is far too short to not enjoy every second!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Make Your Monday - June 23rd

Em relished in her first weekend of summer by welcoming friends and family to Orange County to celebrate her final Little Golden Book themed baby shower thrown by her Magical Aunt B and close friend, Shell.  After the most lovely and beyond magical Saturday, it really hit Em that these boys were coming...and fast!  Next up, dealing with her #HomeownerProblems so she can finish nesting before babies. Nic of course attended Em's lovely shower on Saturday, followed by some family pool time. On Sunday the whole gang trekked up to her in-laws to visit her nephew, SIL, and BIL (along with the grandparents, obvi). It was a family/baby filled weekend to be sure!

The blame game; a vicious game that everyone falls into playing at some point.  It is easy to get sucked in and pretend that you are the victim.  But guess what? You choose to be the victim, you choose to blame others and see yourself as having no fault in any situation.  But most often, that is not the case.  We all have some part in everything, so the best thing you can do is step back, reflect, see your mistakes and learn from them.  You are the only one who can make changes in yourself.

Friday, June 13, 2014

How to Keep the THRIVE ALIVE in a Changing Marriage

Life is constantly changing, so it should come as no surprise that your relationships would change as well.  Look at the "life cycle" of a relationship if you will.  You meet someone, you like them.  What do you do?  Try to see them again.  You end up spending more time with them and getting to know them even more.  You then decide if you are going to want to continue to see them or move on.  You may even see yourself becoming more comfortable with this person and therefore really being yourself.  Maybe you like them so much  you choose to be exclusive, or as I say, an "offish cup" (abreves for official couple).  Then things progress and I dare say (gasp) change.  Hopefully, if you have invested a lot of time and truly love the person your biggest change will be from girlfriend to wife, if not, you will break free and rediscover your single-self.  Either way, that is a lot of changing to be had.

Lately, I have seen a lot of change in my relationship. However, it has been rather subtle. Before we were married the changes seemed more drastic.  That sort of growing up/getting out of college/this is who we really are phase.  Becoming married wasn't too major because by that time we had pretty much established our relationship and what we wanted out of life.  However, now, as we finally prepare to be parents it is like our relationship is really changing...and for the better.

These days I am always tired and slacking a bit on my wifely duties (granted that is to be expected as I grow two babies), but it often leaves me feeling helpless.  I can't do as much around the house, I can't move things, I can't stand too long; all in all I am just not myself.  My TH (who is usually more than well taken care of ) has picked up a tremendous amount of my slack and never makes me feel slightly bad about it.  He is always doing what needs to be done.  He never sighs or looks at me funny if I ask him to do something I normally took care of and goes above and beyond to keep me stress free and comfortable.  Our roles have shifted a bit and we both have had to adjust to it.

When new changes in life come into your marriage or relationship you have to strive to keep the thrive alive.  Just the other night my TH was frustrated and feeling overwhelmed, "It is just one thing after the other"...My response? "Yes honey, that is life.  It is how we deal with those 'things' that is what matters, so let's get through it together".

How does one accept changes and keep the thrive alive you may ask?

1. Communicate:  First and foremost, talk to each other, then talk some more, then a bit more for good measure.  Don't let the other one get off the hook with the whole, "Nothing's wrong" bit, that is a bunch of crap.  You know it, I know it, so cut it.  It's obvious something is wrong, so either come out with it or get over it.

2. Know when to give space:  If the other person refuses to discuss what is on their mind, then leave it and them alone.  I know my patience runs very thin when my TH wants to pretend nothing is wrong when it is so totally clear that something is up.  So, I just say, "Ok, well I am getting a different vibe from you which is telling me something is wrong, so when you are ready to talk I will be ________" and peace out.  Sometimes no attention and some space is what the other person needs.

3. Be patient and understanding.  Allow the other person to work it out in their own way.  I know my coping strategies are much different from my TH.  I like to work out until I can't move, he likes to sit and drink a beer in peace.  We know that about each other and honor what the other needs.

4. Welcome changes and go with the flow.  With change comes adaptation.  Learn to adapt to the changes life brings together.  My TH and I are so excited to be parents and seem to be closer than ever while preparing for our boys.  We know our lives are going to change but see each other as our biggest supporter and teammate.  We look to each other for strength and have communicated at length about the changes coming in our future and how we can work together to embrace each one.

5. Make time for each other.  While we don't have the babies yet, we are still both very busy.  Despite it all, we know that no time is more special than our quiet alone time.  We are happy to turn down invitations to go out knowing that our time together is what we both really want.  We savor our moments and truly enjoy being together.

6. Don't stop trying.  I love my TH more than is possible to express, but I never stop trying.  Even though I can't tornado around the house in a fury like I used to making every inch perfect for him, I can tell him how much I appreciate him.  I can offer to do things I know he enjoys.  I can choose to be positive when we are together.  I never give up on making our relationship stronger and welcome any life challenge that is thrown at us.

7. Remember why you fell in love.  When the stressful times come (weddings, homes, job changes, financial struggles, babies, babies and more babies) take a moment to step back from it all and remember who you are in this with.  Your best friend, your partner and (hopefully) the love of your life.  You can do anything if you work together acknowledge the problem, then focus on the solution.  Remember who you fell in love with and why you fell in love with them.  Think of a funny memory and sit back and laugh for a second.

All you can do is control yourself and your ability to thrive.  Why not take each change that comes into your marriage with open arms and work as a team to embrace it and make the best of it.  Sounds pretty nice right?   

Friday, May 23, 2014

Learn to Love What You See
 After ten years of lifestyle morphing I have finally trained myself to be a person who has learned to love and accept what I see in the mirror.  I live a healthy lifestyle and make time for a lot of physical activity.  Not only does it make me feel amazing (and keeps me from not killing people) but I also see the hard work in the way my body responds.  There is nothing that motivates me more than a intense workout, burning each part of my body and keeping it tight and right!  Granted, I can't seem to escape my genetic disposition for cellulite, but hey, I figure even super models have that, so I need to get over it.  When I spot some part of my body that I am not crazy about, I usually just kick it up in that department (add more push ups to get my arms in better shape or do more squats to lift my tush) but I refuse to sit and complain about it, I am one who always takes action.

Then, I was given the greatest gift of all, the opportunity to grow two little humans in my body.  After years of infertility, getting pregnant was and will always be the greatest thing that happened to me.  However, with most experiences, there are usually some concessions that need to be made.  For me, that meant cutting wwwwwaaaaaayyyyy back on activity and for a few months there, no activity at all.  Whoa. But, I was willing to do anything to make my babies strong and healthy and therefore was happy (ish) to oblige.

Weeks turned into months and despite my continuing to eat healthy, I started to see my body change in ways I didn't really love.  I knew pregnancy meant gaining weight, but I wanted it to be on my terms.  I wasn't loving that my arms gained what seemed to be five pounds each and the definition I worked so hard to achieve was just getting lost in a fat capsule.  That cellulite I mentioned went from two little dimples on my tushy to covering the entirety of my bottom and back of my legs.  I was not only horrified, but found myself being not so nice to myself and getting rather bummed out.  When I would catch myself doing this, I mentally slapped myself and would quickly turn those feelings into joy by rubbing my belly and talking to my "Littles".  

After talking to my Magical Aunt B and Nic about my body concerns I realized a lot of what I was feeling was mental.  Have you ever noticed how after one week of working out and taking care of yourself you can see someone totally different than you did the week before?  Well, thank your brain for that, because trust, no body changes happen that fast.  So, I knew until I could start light exercise again I had to retrain my brain to love what I saw in the mirror.

As my belly grew (and grew and grew) I would quickly focus on how much I loved what was growing inside.  Then instead of finding all my flaws each day, I only pointed out things I loved about my changing body.  I loved that I still had collar bones, I loved the way my upper abs still showed definition while my boys grew strong right underneath them, I loved the way my behind still looked shapely and tight in jeans (maternity or otherwise)...and so on. 

When I finally got the green light to get moving, I started my daily 30 minute walks with multiple weekly weight lifting sessions and even introduced a pretty killer swimming routine (I loved that one since I could literally sprint in the water).  I of course started to feel better almost immediately, but I still made a daily effort to point out the physical features I embraced and stopped focusing on what I wasn't so crazy about.

Please know that I am not at all one of those women who doesn't expect her body to change in pregnancy, I get it.  But, the fact that I didn't get to choose how I approached my pregnancy since we used fertility assistance, left me feeling sort of cheated.  But, at the end of the day, I am a mommy now.  A healthy, strong, beautiful mommy who is giving my "Littles" everything they need; I wouldn't change a thing.

So, next time you look in the mirror and don't like something, either make the change to fix it or if you can't for whatever reason, refocus on something about yourself you love to look at.  Your mind is a powerful thing, so why not have it work for you and not against you.  Let's start today!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Make Your Mondays - April 14th

Em ended her Spring Break/cleaning marathon with knocking out her baby registry with the help of Nic (thank GOODNESS for her).  If it not for Nic, Em would have turned right around and walked out of the store, way too much stuff!  Since Em's TH was working all weekend, she was able to get in two early lunch dates with friends and get home early to rest! After Nic assisted Em with her baby registry, her and BK attended a friend's 30th birthday party. Sunday she spent the day out with her family, getting some overdue shopping in and having a tasty vegetarian lunch!

Thinking you can't do something won't get you anywhere.  Approach everything in you life from a place of, "I can".  I can run a bit farther, I can get this work finished tonight, I can be happy.  Whatever you think you can or can't do will become true.  So, believe in yourself and strive to be the best you possible.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Make Your Mondays - April 7th

Em kicked off Spring Break with a night out on Saturday to see The Dan Band with Nic and both TH's.  Sunday was filled lots of reorganizing and prepping as Em gets ready to take on her house this week and clean out every drawer, shelf and closet! Saturday Nic's TH and FIL tore up part of the cement in her yard to make room for a real lawn, before heading to the concert. Nic slept in Sunday after her night out (a rare treat thanks to her TH) and then went on a long walk/picnic with her little fam since it was such a nice day!

Who likes lemonade? I know I do!  So, let's take those life lemons that are being thrown at us each day, grab them and add some sugar.  Make the best of what life throws you and strive to find the good.  Things could always be worse, but way focus on that?  Let's put all our energy towards making the best of bad situations and and allowing our future to get better with each thought.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Make Your Mondays - March 31st

Em enjoyed a lovely Saturday with her TH starting with her second HypnoBirthing class, a long walk and even a party at Gatsby's (by way of the couch of course!).  Sunday, she created a new swimming workout to help keep her feeling active and support her aching back.  After Em's HB class on Saturday, Nic headed out to the Angel's/Dodger preseason game with her TH and good friends. Sunday Nic and BK got in lots of snuggles in between some housework and another visit to Auntie Em!

There is so much we take for granted in this busy world of ours.  Our lives are constantly on the move and we are always looking towards our next great accomplishment.  But what about taking a moment to stop and see what we do have.  Being content with what we have and seeing that we are far better off than most.  Taking a step back from the daily grind to appreciate our health and see just how lucky we are to even be able to participate in our crazy lives.  To see that having long lasting social and romantic relationships make us happier and more compassionate people.  Stop what you are doing for just a moment today and take a few seconds to find something to be grateful for.  Chances are, you'll find many.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Listen to Your Body

I have always been one who tries to "listen to my body", but sometimes I am just too busy.  Because we are always on the go these days, on to the next place or meeting with the next person, we often forget to give our bodies what they need.  Whether this means forgetting to eat a snack and ending up starving or not drinking enough water and ending up with a headache, I often stop and ask myself, "What am I doing to myself?"  Is all that rushing really worth it? I personally don't think so, but I for some reason when I am not at work and stuck to my schedule, I simply get caught up.

Well, no more.  Despite my best efforts to take care of myself prior to being pregnant, it is no longer an option to rush through my day and neglect to give my darling boys what they need.  Growing two humans is no easy task and it is one I take quite seriously, so I made a commitment to slow down and really listen.  If I don't eat often enough, I start to dry heave as if I could vomit any second. Granted nothing comes out, but I can hear the twins giggling in my belly and saying, "Well mommy, that is what you get, we are starving in here!!"  After that happening a handful of times, I got the overall message loud and clear, SLOW DOWN and LISTEN!

What's that you say body?  You are starting to feel hungry?  I stop whatever I am doing and grab a snack.  Mouth starting to feel dry?  Then you've already gone too long without water.  Don't ignore yourself because you are busy.  We are made to do magical things, so get in tune with yourself and take your advice!

So let's make the effort this week to slow down our pace, keep snacks and water on hand, get a good night's rest and tune in to what is going on inside.  Who knows, we may feel better than ever and I know that is something I am definitely willing to try!  What about you?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Make Your Mondays - March 24th

Em had a busy weekend filled with filing taxes (yuck), organizing the garage (yay) and even painting the nursery closet (well, her TH did that part); and that was just Saturday!  Sunday started with some nursery organization, followed by a little antiquing and ended with her first HypnoBirthing class taught by our very own Nic! Nic spent Saturday with BK and her Mama, complete with pedicures and a tasty organic, vegetarian lunch! Sunday she brunched with a bestie, then prepped for Em's first HB class. The weekends are never long enough!!

Think back to when you were younger, what did you dream of? A big corner office with assistants buzzing around you? A house full of children calling you "mommy"?  A boat to sail around the world in with someone you love?  Think about those visions you conjured and allow yourself to make them happen.  If you want it, think it, own it, believe it to be true and someday after years of putting it all out in the Universe, it will come back to you.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Make Your Mondays - March 10th

Happy Spring Ya'll! Em spent the weekend sassing it up at one of her besties bachelorette parties at Spring Training in AZ. Nic had a lot to tackle over the weekend, with loads of paperwork to fill out for her HypnoBirthing certification. Luckily TH took over most of the baby duties to give her time to accomplish that!

What do you want to do?  What makes you feel good?  Don't over think things, just enjoy life as it comes.  Make a plan for what you want and then find happiness in the choice you have made.  Think only about feeling good and following your plans fully and completely in joy.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Make Your Mondays - March 3rd

Happy March ya'll! Due to Em's growing belly and insane amount of Relaxin pumping through her back, she took the weekend to rest her aching ribs and get some appointments in order for the week ahead. TH was home which made it extra easy to kick back as he is the best nurse ever. The cherry on top? Snuggling in the storm! Nic had a long weekend exploring her new passion - becoming a certified HypnoBirthing practitioner! She will share more about that journey soon enough but if you haven't heard about the birthing technique "taking the world by calm"... we highly suggest looking into it.

You want it? Go get it! Nothing is more frustrating then to hear someone talk nonstop about wanting this wanting that but never taking action.  You must do in order to achieve.  Things are not just going to happen or change in your life if you take no action.  You want to be fit and healthy, then you must get off the couch, quit eating crap and move your rear end!  You want that promotion, then quit leaving as soon as possible, put in some man hours, make some positive connections with co-workers and be a leader.  Stop talking about what you want and do what you want!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


My Thriving Mommy participates in a lot of marathons...on Netflix that is.  Since living on the East Coast this past year she has had the lovely experience of being "stormed in".  For most people (like myself), I would become depressed and despite the horrid weather, do my best to book the next flight to somewhere sunny and bright.  Not my TM, she hunkers down in her clean, cozy and candled out home for some good old video education, most often in the form of documentaries.

Once she watches one, she pretty much forces me to watch it with her relentless badgering, "Have you watched ___ yet?" "You've got to watch____", "Oh you know I just learned so much from _____, it's a shame you won't take an evening to watch it too".  Finally, as per usual I give in.  As she likes to remind me, "Have I ever steered you wrong?"  The answer is always a quiet "no".

Her latest documentary obsession is called "Happy". After weeks of blowing her off, that free time presented itself (that and I had no shows on my DVR, I don't do live TV).  Even better, I noticed that the movie was only 75 minutes and therefore decided my TH and I should finally watch it.

According to Wadi Rum Films Inc, "HAPPY takes us on a journey from the swamps of Louisiana to the slums of Kolkata in search of what really makes people happy. Combining real life stories of people from around the world and powerful interviews with the leading scientists in happiness research, HAPPY explores the secrets behind our most valued emotion".

The film was well balanced with personal stories of people's perception of happiness supported by scientific research.  I of course being pregnant, am at the height of happiness each day for conquering my fertility struggles. So, it made sense that I would be sobbing through the entire thing.  So much of what was discussed in the film hit so close to home, especially how our culture always wants mooooorrreeee.  When do we stop and just find happiness in what we have not what we want?  We have to make the choice and effort to be happy. It is so easy to do, yet so put it into action.
My favorite sufer dude from the film...
As my TM did to me, I am now going to do to you. I urge you to take the one hour and 15 minutes to watch the film with someone you love.  I know watching with my TH and rubbing my belly filled me with such joy I was sure I was going to explode that very second.  It also gave us some great conversation following the film and made him realize that he too could benefit from finding more happiness in what he has.  I love random acts of kindness as they make me feel a great sense of happiness.  I took an extra moment recently to bask in the glee I felt from simply letting a man know I was leaving a busy parking and he could have my spot.  He thanked me profusely telling me he had been driving around for ten minutes.  So simple yet made us both feel so good.  To add the cherry on top, it was free.

Happiness not only makes you feel good but even scientific data suggests it also keeps you healthier and living longer.  No wonder my great grandparents lived until their late 90's, they were happy!

My great-grandma, the OE (original Emilia) and my great-grandpa "Mac" (Salvador), "The kindest man in the world"
So, what makes you happy?  Maybe you should take that 75 minutes and try to find out.  You may find you were like me and ready to pack it all up to live in a shack on a small island while serving food from my very own food truck.  I don't need all this stuff; all I really need is my health, family and most of all the happiness I create.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Make Your Mondays - February 24th

"Happy Monday" is such a strange phrase, but it's we are aiming to create, right? Em spent her weekend finishing up some craft projects, going to Yoga, and just relaxing her pregnant self alongside her TH. Saturday Nic had a lovely walk/picnic with BK and her Mama, followed by a belated Valentine's date night out at a fancy restaurant with TH, and Sunday was full of much needed errands, including a pedicure!

You are in total control of each thought that passes through your mind. Every action you take, word you speak and thought you think is in only your control.  Therefore, take control of those choices and allow them to only be positive.  If you are troubled by something (weight, stress, unlucky in love), then take control and focus on what you have (the ability to make healthy choices to change your body, the ability to make choices to be stress free, the ability to be totally independent and do what makes you happy) and feel your power.  Make the changes necessary to make the best experience for yourself, no one else can do it for you, you have to do it for yourself.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Breakfast is for Champions

I recently had a fitness consult with my girl Kell.  We naturally started talking about how nutrition would play into her new routine and she dropped the bomb that she doesn't always eat breakfast.  What was that you say?!  My jaw hit the floor because she is not the first to tell me this horrific fact and I am sure she will not be the last.  Even my own Thriving Mommy was resistant of eating each morning because she just wasn't hungry.  Well, then, I guess you gotta force feed yourself.

Whether or not you agree that breakfast is in fact the most important meal of the day, entertain me for a minute and pretend you do.  Think of how you feel when you don't eat for seven plus hours.  Do you feel good?  Are you are a beacon of positivity who can take on anything thrown your way?  Are you able to focus and execute tasks with precision?  No offense, but I doubt it.  If I don't eat for two hours I feel like I am going to die.  As I like to say, "my blood sugar is low" and I therefore have no energy and truly feel as though I could pass out.

Now, put that (at least) seven hour starvation into play every day, because it happens.  You don't eat all night which allows your body to burn the calories while you sleep, great.  But, if you decide to skip breakfast (aren't hungry, don't have time) then your body runs out of things to burn and instead of going to your fat storage (which is what I think people think naturally will happen) it just waits.  Not sure to burn more because it is not sure when it is going to get more.  Of course if you starve yourself long enough then sure, your body will start to burn fat...and muscle...and whatever else you have going on.  Sounds healthy right?  NOT!

Starting your day with a healthy and balanced breakfast is going to not only wake up your body but also rev up that metabolism for the day ahead.  Your brain sends the message to your body it is time to do work and ultimately sets the tone for your entire day.  Breakfast is a great time to give your body fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates so you have the energy to get your day started right.  Furthermore, when you don't eat all morning (which means you are also passing up your mid morning snack) you are really going to be starving (and probably not the nicest person to be around).  Come lunch time you will often eat the first thing you see, (nearest drive through, doughnuts in the staff lounge) rather than a meal that will continue to fuel your body for the afternoon.

As a working woman I know all too well that rushed feeling each morning where I just can't get in the car fast enough.  I used to stock my glove compartment with high protein bars that I could eat while driving to work.  Not a horrible choice, but certainly not the best.  The real way to make sure you are getting the breakfast you need is with proper planning and just an extra few minutes in the morning.  I have decided to put myself first and eat breakfast, even if I get on the road a few minutes later.  It is not an option for me to skip this glorious meal.  Plus, I look forward to it all night!

Here are some super quick and easy faves of the TW.  These breakfasts not only help us be nicer morning people, give our bodies fuel pump our metabolism up while setting us up to be champions.

-Green Smoothie
Get the fruit and greens all set in the blender the night before, wake up, throw in ice and juice, hit blend and get out the door.  Takes no more than 2 minutes max.  Also, it is perfect to sip on the way to work and is packed with protein.

-Overnight Oats
 Great for breakfast on the go.  Set it up the night before, stick it in the fridge, grab and go!

-Breakfast Casserole
This guy is not only amazing to eat, but easily as amazing to make. I will usually whip one up on the weekend when I have more time, then during the week cut a slice, throw it in the microwave for 30 seconds and eat.  It is packed with eggs and vegetables to you are again loading up that protein to get that body working!


-Yogurt Parfait 
This is another easy mason jar worthy breakfast to take on the road.   Using a medium sized mason jar, layer yogurt and fresh or dried fruit and even some wheat germ if you are feeling sassy.  Throw the granola on top in the AM, mix and enjoy!

When in doubt at the very least whip up a PB&J on whole grain bread to grab in the AM and eat in the car.  At least it has protein and fiber to start your morning.  The bottom line here, DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST!! It is the meal of champions!

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