Friday, February 26, 2016

Who's in Charge Here? Mind vs Body

There are times I catch myself not really pushing that hard in a workout. Either I am distracted by what I need to do as soon as I'm done, have somewhere to be or am just plain out of it. No matter what it is, it is totally and utterly UNACCEPTABLE! I am working out for goodness sake, so I need to give it all I got and get out! Geez, what is this nonsense, GET MOVING!

That is when I get really fired up.  I think to myself, "If you are going to waste your own time with this half-assed workout, just get out of here! Go home, do whatever it is that is taking you away from being in the zone right now and pressing "refresh" on your health". I am a huge supporter of a little personal trash talking.

Then I take the mind manipulation a step further and take that personal sass as a call to action. I need to decide, am I just going to sit and take that or show (myself) she better watch who she is talking to?! (I realize that this may make you feel crazy...oh well).

I hit that workout a little harder. Did someone say a resistance of 7?! HERE YOU GO! RPM's below 80? Not today, not after that little speech. Think I am done there? No way, see you on the next circuit activity, call me back if you aren't dripping sweat in 10 minutes. Oh, I'm sorry, didn't think I could take on another set of squats. HA! So what, my muscles are jelly, my lungs on fire. I can do this! I can DO THIS! I have only been at this 15 minutes and I have waaayyyy more time before the boys get up from their nap..YOU WANT MORE?!

When you feel like you can't go further, you can. When you think your quads and hammies will no longer function after one more lunge, you're wrong. When you push yourself beyond what you think is possible, anything can happen. Don't let your mind get in the way of what your muscles are capable of handling. Don't let your muscle strain and weakness fool your mind into quitting. YOU CAN DO IT! I often think I can't, but then I dig deeper, push harder and make sure my mind and muscles are working together to help this powerhouse finish her session!

What are your tips and tricks to staying motivated before or during a workout? How do you keep yourself from getting distracted and squeezing out that extra push?

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