Friday, March 27, 2015

Exploring Downtown Orange

Oh how I love a good adventure. While I had dipped my toe into the wonders that Historic Downtown Orange had to offer, it was time for me to jump into the deep end. Thank you again to my "great and powerful" Thriving Mommy who decided one afternoon it was time to get 'er done and get exploring. I was pretty tired, but I never turn down the opportunity to find treasures. We packed up the babies and headed out.

As usual, I wasn't disappointed. Around each corner was another, seemingly never ending, labyrinth of an antique store.  I wasn't sure what was more exciting, seeing all the things that I already had in the stores or seeing their prices and squealing that I had gotten it for half the price. My TM was equally as elated to see replicas of her precious belongings all on display. This shopping trip finally didn't leave me sick with adrenaline while trying to rationalize why I needed everything I saw.  Even though I wasn't going to buy much (the prices were a bit high, as to be expected) it was a great afternoon for looking.

Nothing better than a pile of aprons to make you happy you have your own collection!
As you know I have a passion for Golden Books, but not for $3 each...
Vintage scale? GOT IT...but I only paid a cool $25, $79 is a bit too high...
Pyrex party? I'm in!! Nothing I love more than seeing my prized possessions on sale for more than double!
Strawberry bowl? The cutest! I was interested in adding these to my collection, but I know I can find them at an Estate Sale.
I was thrilled to see all my vintage sequined shirts on showcase and it made me want to run home and throw one on.
In need of some bling? This case caught my eye and made me desperate to attend a fancy party.
This old wooden desk and train case? These were high on my "want" list.
Fell in love with this vintage dress and decided then that I wanted only to shop in Orange for all my clothes.
Lovely linens all in a row. I enjoyed every color and pattern!
I can say, this visit to Orange inspired a new obsession...vintage lunch boxes.
What a great idea! Old music stand turned kitchen friendly? I gotta get a cook book on that!
Tin 'topia! This 1950's kitchen had me yearning to put on an apron.
After a couple hours of looking around it was time to get a glass of sangria and a bite to eat.  It had been a great workout wearing a baby for so long, but whew, were we tired! Just one last stop...a store had a FULL Vera section! No more online shipping costs for me, now I know where to go! 

If you are looking for a great walk and eye party, then head to Orange. You may not leave with your car full of goods, but you will at least take away great ideas and maybe even find something new to hunt at garage sales and flea markets!

Have you been to Orange? What was your favorite part?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Take Life by the Cojones

Life. It comes on fast and goes too quickly. I am sure we can all think back to a time when we waited and waited for something and then it came and went in the blink of an eye.  It is actually
quite scary when you really sit and think about it. So why is it that we are so often stuck on just dreaming and do nothing about it? Well, now is the time to say enough is enough. If you dream it, then by golly, DO IT! Take life by the cojones and make it happen!

We all have a dreamer inside of us. The person who thinks of all the things they want for themselves, smiles as the fairytale crosses the brain, then settles back into the reality of the moment. But what if those dreams could become your reality? What if instead of thinking, dreaming and waiting you did. No more waiting for something to happen, (G forbid a sickness, death or crisis) you just made changes to be happy.  Maybe it is a relationship, perhaps it is work, heck it may even just be where you live. Whatever it is, make the change and do what you want. You may have to struggle and it may not be easy, but hopefully it will be worth it.

I admire my Thriving Mommy for more reasons then I can count, but just one of the many is that she took her life by the cojones. After she put me through college and I had started my career, it just hit her one day. What was she doing? Was she a successful business woman? Yes. Did she love working hard, long hours to make those dolla, dolla bills just to add to her bank account? Maybe not so much. She was at a great place in her life and decided to finally put herself and her happiness first. So, she just decided she was done. She wanted to spend her precious time doing something that mattered and that is exactly what she did. You GO GIRL!

Nic and I recently had a discussion about what we wanted for our lives. We both have great passions and plan to pursue them...someday? Well, we decided on that fateful car ride, to make a plan. Start with getting our information, presenting our cases and doing what truly makes us happy. Life is too short to not enjoy every second of it. So, here we go. Plans are laid, contacts have been let's see if we can put it into action and take our lives by the cojones. 

Are you itching to make a change?  Ready to join our Thriving movement?!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Make Your Monday - March 23rd

Em had a great weekend exploring Temecula and checking out some lovely "estates" for her future... she even fell in love with one! Nic took BK to his first swimming lesson and discovered she has quite the little mer-man on her hands! 

Don't waste energy on those who make you feel bad and suck the joy from you, what a black hole of negativity. No thanks! We choose to only give our good thoughts to those who deserve it, starting with ourselves. Once we have aligned our energy to the positive, we shed that joy onto those who matter, those who make us feel better.  We can only control ourselves, so let's do it. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Managing Expectations - the Key to Happiness?

"How can I help you today?"

I must have said that phrase over a million times in my former role, working in the consumer relations department of a well known running shoe company. Hopefully, I will never have to utter that phrase again as I was promoted to another department! My experience "serving" consumers has been a valuable one, and I think it should be something every human must do at some point because it's extremely humbling. Something my department colleagues and I often said was that our real job in that role was managing expectations, which is something I feel is vital to staying happy. 

I've come to realize that in my personal life I tend to manage expectations as well - my own and the people around me - the ensure things run as smoothly as possible. Now, people like Em and my mother would say they prefer to just have a positive aspirational attitude about things, but for me I am more comfortable and happier when my expectations are either met or surpassed. So this can tend to mean I keep them reaaaaaalllll low... which may seem like a bummer but honestly how great does it feel to be happily surprised by a certain outcome? Now, how good does it feel to be disappointed? You can see why I make this simple choice. It doesn't mean I don't keep a positive attitude, I just accept that things may work out a certain way and prepare for that situation, all the while hoping it goes even better!

Doing this with others is important too - under promise and over deliver I always say. I really hate it when people make promises they can't keep, or commit to things they eventually flake on. I'd much rather people just told me straight up "oh, I'm sorry I am just too busy" or "we really can't afford it right now" as opposed to stringing me along thinking one thing will happen and it never does. Then, I'm happy (and believe you) when you say something and stick to it.

Do you notice yourself managing expectations? Where do you think you fall - keep a positive attitude or be more realistic? Let us know in the comments!

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