Friday, July 31, 2015

How to get Mer-Fect (Mermaid Perfect) Hair

Growing up I hated my hair. It was thick, unruly and way too curly for my liking. I never wore it down, but on the rare occasion when I did, the Cowardly Lion and I could have been twins.

Throughout high school I stifled my natural curl with the hot, hot heat of a flat iron. I wanted it as straight as possible, which often took hours to achieve. In college I started to embrace my curls a bit more and even learned a trick or two with the old curling iron courtesy of my sorority sisters. After endless hours of watching others do my hair I was able to do it on my own. Now I am am PRO! I can take my natural curls and make them Mer-Fect with the wave of a (curling) wand.

This natural wave is all fine and great, but I like to be a bit more pulled together.
With our mermaid obsession it seemed only fitting to share my tips on how to get mer-fect hair alllllllll for yourself.

You will need:

  • Flat iron (if you have curly or wavy hair, straight haired girls you can skip this)
  • 1/2 inch barrel curling iron
  • Hairspray

It is always best to style mildly-dirty hair. By mildly dirty I mean anything more than one day old. The curls will hold better in hair that isn't freshly washed.

First, you want to section your hair. I typically do bottom layer, middle layer then the top layer split in half so I can do the right side first, then the left.

Once sectioned, grab a small chunk of hair. If you find that you, like me, need to straighten your root so they cooperate, then follow this step, if you already have straight hair then skip.

Before you begin to curl, part the section you are working on. This way you can curl away from your face on both sides and have them meet in the middle. Then, take your curling iron and point it down. Grab a small chunk of hair (from whatever side you are starting on) and wrap it around the curling iron, away from your face starting at the root.

Wrap the hair completely around the barrel from root to end and hold for 5-10 seconds.

Then release your hair and slowly pull he curling iron up as your hair cascades away from the barrel. Repeat until you get to the center of your head, then start again from the other side.

Once you have completed both sides of your part, you can lower another section of hair and repeat. When  you have curled your entire head, give it a good shake, flip it for fun and spray it down with hairspray.

Now you are ready to hit the beaches knowing you have Mer-Fect Hair!!! Do you have any styling tips for perfect curls or waves?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How to Renovate on a Budget - Paint

With just about half our budget for renovations gone to floors (we had some small issues with the baseboards, but in an effort to avoid negative energy I am moving forward), I really had to stretch our dollar. Along with flooring, I usually am pretty hell bent on getting a fresh coat of paint throughout the house. NOTHING freshens up a new home more than paint. It makes the house smell new, changes the lighting throughout and can even make rooms appear bigger (or smaller depending on your color choices).

When we painted our last home, I was in love with the colors I chose. I went with a light gray throughout the house with pops of color in the bathrooms. I decided this time around I was going to do almost exactly the same thing. I prefer to use neutral colors and then let my furniture and accessories speak for themselves.

Once I was dead set on painting, it was time to start collecting bids again. I had seven painters come through, assess the square footage and what I wanted done (all walls, ceilings, doors and trim) to give me an estimate. I knew I still had some serious decisions ahead of me as there was more work to be done, so it was all going to come down to price. After days of negotiations I chose the painter who was willing to have his team work around the clock (literally, they worked at least 16 hours) and was willing to work with me on price. He included the materials, paint (Dunn-Edwards) and was ready to start the next day. Negrini Painting, you have the job!

The house was a bright-ish yellow color throughout and was not for me. I laid my swatches against the wall to see what looked best in the natural light. After much contemplation, I went with,  "Whisp of Smoke" (I almost always make my final decision on the name). I went with a similar tropical green for the bathrooms so I could use the same towels and shower curtains I loved so much. 

The biggest obstacle was going to be this lovely mural of wine country the previous owner had painted in the kitchen area. While it was special, I was ready to part with it. It took THREE coats of primer and days of work and that was just the prep! 

Finally, they grey was done and the molding was painted white for a nice contrast. It took nearly three weeks for the entire house to get done, but it finally got done. My budget was dwindling fast and I was going to have to make some serious choices. Kitchen or bathrooms? New vanities or just paint? Cabinets or lighting? What to do, what to do!

I put on my boss hat and got ready to play hard ball. I needed to make a dollar out of 15 cents.  What do you think the last project was?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Make Your Mondays - July 27th

Our only dream in life is to be BFFs with Ariel while flipping our fins "unda da sea". Sadly, that is not the case so all we can do is be true to ourselves as Thriving Wives. Who are you? Have you accepted who you are and learned to love yourself? Until there is a procedure for becoming a mermaid, it is time to be proud of who you are and own it!


5 TW in Sin City!
Nic and Em took on Las Vegas for a 26 hour mommy get away to see the one and only Mariah Carey.  After a day spent lounging by the pool, a leisurely dinner with fellow TW and the concert of a lifetime they were thrilled to be in bed before midnight. Granted, neither got the baby free sleep they were hoping for, but they enjoyed their quick trip immensely!  The best part was being home on Sunday just in time to cuddle their boys before naps.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Body Target Practice - Becoming Bootylicious

No matter how fabulous, aging is inevitable. With those added years comes finding body parts giving into gravity a bit more than we may like. What's worse is as our metabolism slows down, it gets even harder to get weight off... no matter how slowly it may accumulate. Even if you keep up with your health and fitness like I do, there are still some body parts that just don't seem to want to cooperate. What does a Thriving Wife do? Target Practice, that's what!  I have decided the first to get all my attention is my tush.

While I am thankful for my natural ASSets, I am a firm beleiver that there is always room for improvement. As my body ages and babies come and go, I need that booty to stay up where I left it in my twenties. While I love a good tushy toning exercise, I want more. I want that round, tight Brazilian Butt.  I hit up Pinterest to see what moves I could add to my knowledge of fitness and target exercises.

I came across this 30 day butt challenge and thought, "Now this I could do". I liked the slow progression and I knew that with each day I would get stronger and by day 30 hopefully I could bounce a quarter off my butt. I decided then and there this was exactly what this 30 year old tush needed to literally KICK it in gear.  In addition to working in this daily "challenge" (even though I despise squats more than anything) I also wanted to throw in some Brazillian Butt moves for good measure.

I plan to get myself all pumped up and start on August 1st. Therefore, I will save the before pic (not sure I am ready to post that thang quite yet) for the end of August...keep you at the edge of your seat if you will (pun absolutely intended).  Here is hoping that my body is ready for the challenge and acts accordingly!

Do you have a body part you want to focus on for the next month? What should we do next, arms? abs?  

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