Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Party in a Pinch: Halloween Snacks & Sweets

Since I had decided to throw together a Halloween Party in a Pinch, I knew I had to make a delish yet spooky spread. Since the table was set, I got to thinking about what I could make and even better...what I could label!  I love to make little signs for all my dishes because I know as a guest I always like to know what I am eating. But these weren't going to be your regular run of the mill markers, these of course had to be creeeeeeepily creative.


I created an Asian noodle dish complete with fresh vegetables, glass noodles and an assortment of sauces.  Once mixed up and in a bowl I had Veggie Alien Brains to share.

For the meat lovers in the house, I grilled up an assortment of sausages and cut them up so they resembled dismembered Fingers & Toes.

My favorite snack of the night, Nacho Day To Die.  That's right, a mini crock pot full of bean-y nacho cheese with tortilla chips, sour cream, salsa and fresh jalapenos.  Yuuuumo!

One of my favorite snacks to serve is baked brie with apricot jelly and french bread.  Or in this case, Pumpkin Guts...fresh from the oven of hell!

With so many snacks, I had to make sure and showcase my latest favorite in spooky sweetness; Squashed Spiders!  These are beyond easy to make and just about the cutest thing I think I have ever thought of.  Place four stick pretzels (in a row to make eight legs, duh) on wax paper, add a dollop of melted chocolate to the center and refrigerate.  Moments later you too will have an eight legged treat to eat.

We had a lovely night checking out costumes and enjoying great food and company.  Looking forward to another Halloween, this time with two little ones to help hand out candy.  What do you have in store this year?  Planning to be a hostess with the mostest or heading out to hit up the town?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Make Your Mondays - October 27th

Em had a lovely weekend with her Thriving Mommy as her TH was working some overtime at the fire station.  After a lazy Saturday and long walk at the beach she went to a fun Halloween party for her two baby boys.  They got to try on their fire fighter costume and see some old friends. Nic also had some early Halloween fun at Mrs. A's new home where her 'hood was throwing a festive block party. Sunday it was down to business though, running errands and completing Phase 1 of her guest room redo - including a hectic trip to Ikea!

What if throughout each day we were to stop and think about how we feel.  As we wake up, head off to work, deal with the day's small challenges we at the same time took things a bit slower and made sure we were choosing to feel good. Do you think it would make a difference? If instead of finding ourselves frustrated and annoyed, we took a breath, refocused and made a choice to create feelings of joy? We are not saying it will be easy, but it might be worth trying.  You in?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Party In a Pinch: All Hallows Eve

Since I am a bit too old to go trick-or-treating (yes, I am sad about it) and my babies are a bit too young to go out this year (yes, the world is on to you parents pushing strollers, pretty sure that baby isn't going to eat that Snickers...) we prefer to stay in. I always love passing out candy and turning the night into a costume contest for all those who stop by. So, what better way to judge the groups of kids that come passing through than inviting over some friends and whipping together a party in a pinch?!


With the outside of the house decorated, the mood was already set. Now, just to set the main table, get some Halloween tunes going and enjoy getting dressed up. First, I went to the garage to assess my party supplies and see what I had going on. Lucky for me, I happened to have some orange fabric for a table cloth aaaannnnnd I even found some purple glittered black "shwag" fabric...OH YEAH!

With the color scheme on point, I decided to add a few DIY ghosts hanging from the ceiling to make sure my ghouls and guests could spend the evening together.

While I prepped my spooky spread for the evening, I decided to create some "Bubbling Pumpkins" to drink. I mixed up some pumpkin puree with pumpkin spice seasoning and added a nice dollop to the bottom of my glass and poured on the champagne.

With a drink in hand, it was time to head to the kitchen and knock out my devilsihly delish dishes.  But first, a sweet trick-or-TREAT! 

Don't miss next week's post with quick and easy party snacks!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Costumes: Don't Buy 'em, Make 'em!

I know I said it last year, but I'll say it again...there is no better Halloween costume than a handmade one. I mean, anyone can go to the store,  but who can be creative enough to use what you have or buy supplies on a budget to be totally original? Well, any thriving wife (lady) of course!

Last year I whipped together a gorgeous little Fred & Wilma Flinstone costume for my TH and I to wear.  I purchased some cheap felt from the fabric store (costing all of $5) and used my low level sewing skills to make the perfect outfits.  I added a dog bone to my hair and made a necklace with Styrofoam balls and we were ready to go!

2 years ago Nic and our fellow TW, Mrs. D, created dead Thriving Wives costumes, and all they had to do was add some blood and props to their usual gorgeous selves.  They even found a horrific apron to complete their look. Easy breezy and yet cute/creepy, way to go girls! 

Don't think Nic stopped there, she got SUPER crafty last year with BK and made him the most delicious thing on the Chipotle menu...a baby burrito.  BRILLIANT!! A swaddled, happy baby in an amazing idea and I was very impressed.  All she needed was some foil, a printed Chipotle logo, a couple lettuce leaves and one adorable little guy.

So, what do we Thriving Wives have in store this year?  Well, I originally wanted to have my boys be recycled goods. That's right, Clarke was going to be an aluminum can (think crushed cans glued on a onesie and baby beanie), while J.R. was going to be a plastic bottle (same plan, bottles crushed on a onesie and hat).  I then was going to turn their stroller into a recycling receptacle while I myself was going to be, "Mother Earth".  But, alas, I am now going a different firefighters!  Since I already have their "uniforms" (they only stay so small forever, I need to capitalize) and adorable knitted hats and booties. My TH and I thought they might as well be like their daddy this year.  But next year, we just may make that gorgeously green statement! Nic is planning to have BK in a DIY Matador costume, like the below image, with their sweet pup Sandy as his "bull"!

So, while it may take a bit of brainstorming, a costume made by hand is always a winner in our Halloween books.  What ideas do you have this year?

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