Monday, October 5, 2015

Make Your Mondays - October 5th

We love a good life plan, but sometimes we Thriving Wives need to accept that life will play out as it should. You don't always need to know what is coming next and make sure you are prepared. Sometimes the most treasured moments in life are the unexpected. So, breathe, trust, let go and enjoy the ride life takes you on.


Having some fun out on the grass in the backyard!

Em had an amazing weekend kicked off by a loooooong overdue date night with her TH. With her new fave midi-dress on they hit the town (uber and all) for drinks and a fancy dinner for two. But sure enough, after only two hours, she and her TH were ready to head home, put on cozies and head to is that for old lady?! Saturday she hit up a home show with her TM to get ideas for their houses while Sunday's rain didn't stop her from heading to OC to get in some much needed Nic time!

On Saturday, Nic traveled north to LaLa land with her TH to see some college friends at a housewarming party, and met a few adorable pups (like the one above) as well! They left once the sun set of course, for fear of Nic actually turning into a pumpkin as opposed to simply looking like one. Sunday she got straight to work continuing the recent pregnancy-induced nest-a-palooza that's been happening - straightening, organizing, doing 800 loads of laundry, all to have a 2 year old make a mess of everything. After her Thriving date with Em and the boys, she went back at it by sanding down and painting a second hand dresser for BK2... stay tuned for that fun DIY project!

Friday, October 2, 2015

4 Ways to Prep your Home for Fall

Despite the weather not cooling down much, I am fully embracing my bikini, by the pool drinking iced pumpkin spiced coffee.

Alas, October is here, therefore it is time to get the house ready for the cooler weather coming in, well, hopefully coming in. First up, get that house smelling right with an Autumn candle. My favorite (aside from the ones my TM makes) are the soy candles from Target; amaze. 

With your candle burning, it is time to get out the pumpkins, gourds, squash and beautiful leaves to sprinkle around the living/dining room. 

 With your decor in full force, whip yourself up a seasonally themed beverage like this delicious pumpkin pie milkshake..with bourbon!

Lastly, grab an extra cozy quilt to prepare for the temperature cool down. Ooooorrr, turn up the AC a bit and cuddle up while pretending it is cold outside. 

Looking forward to the season changing and embracing another Fabulous Fall ahead! What do you do to prepare your home for Autumn?

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How to Update Vintage Furniture

Upon moving into my new home I was pretty surprised that I had just about enough stuff to furnish my new home...despite it being double the size! One thing I did need was a table for my kitchen's breakfast nook/future homework central. Just as I was about hit the garage sale circuit and check out my local Goodwill, my Geena (beautiful grandmother) suggested I take the set she was keeping in her guest house. It belonged to my great-grandmother, (the OE, Original Emilia) and had a table and six chairs.  I knew just the one she was talking about and thought it was a GREAT idea! The table was strong, sturdy with pops of pale yellow. It was perfect!
My family brought it down for me and my TM and I got to cleaning and assessing how to update this little ditty to really make a statement in my new kitchen. Aside from a good scrubbing, we decided that the cushions could absolutely stand for a little makeover. 

Off to JoAnn's we went to pick out some new fabric.  Since the table and chairs already had hints of yellow, I was thrilled to find the perfect fabric to compliment its natural beauty. It even had hydrangeas for goodness sake; my FAVE! Then off came the cushions with one easy hit from our trusty drill. Granted the screws were a little old and took a little umfph, but we got 'em!

With the skeleton of of our chair available, we gave it another scrub down and prepared our staple gun to re-cover the seats.

We made sure the fabric could be pulled tight, tucked and stapled and that there would still be more to make it look know in case anyone wanted to flip over the chair and examine our handy work.

First pulled tight around the edges...

Then brought in to secure the corners.

The excess material created a little flap of sorts that then held it all together nice and pretty.  Viola! It was perfect!

With one down, we admired the upgrade and moved on to the next chair.

Once covered, it was time to put the chair back together. We grabbed our screws and drilled them in.

Now would you look at that! In just an hour we were able to transform a shabby table into a chic kitchen addition!

HUGE thank you to my Thriving Mommy who never shies away from helping me complete my seemingly endless house projects. You are the best and I would be lost without  you!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Make Your Mondays - September 28th

What are you imagining today? We couldn't believe more in the imagination process and putting out in the Universe what you want for your life. Em can remember fondly allowing herself to fall asleep while dreaming of beautiful future babies in her arms and singing them to sleep.  Just a few years later nothing is more real and true. See what you want, feel it happening and embrace it when it does. Don't let your mind stop reaching and let the image of your future life run wild!


Em was thrilled to take in another trip to her local farmers market; this time with her TH in tow! After a wagon ride for the boys, fresh sunflowers for her Fall-tastic home and new running shoes for her workout, she was feeling great! She even indulged in a Skinny Pumpkin Spice Frapp to really make the day great. Sunday her TM had another lovely lady gathering (this time with some of her high school gals) and Em was happy to help hostess while having dance parties with the babies when not needed.

Even though it's 1074598357 degrees out still, Nic and her TH cooked up some yummy bone broth from various animals TH had eaten lately! Bone broth has tons of health benefits, especially for all the preggers. Nic filled the rest of her weekend with errands, chores, and family time; topping it off with a nightly stroll to see the blood moon and set her intentions.

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