Wednesday, January 10, 2018

3 Insta-Fitness Accounts to Follow in 2018

We all know I am a fitness fanatic. I love being active, incorporating new exercises into my routine and most of all, learning about the body and just how powerful it truly is.

Well, these three ladies are my faves right now and if you aren't already following them, you 100% should start.

1. Deliciously Fit n' Healthy. Andrea Allen is for sure, #momgoals. As a fellow mommy of twins, plus a baby (you will see that trend with me...) she kills it on the regular. Her instagram account and her website have tons of amazing workouts that you can bang out anywhere anytime. I love that her littles are often found running around at her feet while she gets it done...reminds me of my own house! She offers online training too if you need the 1:1 support and is incredibly knowledgeable about what to put in your body and how to work out your body. Needless to say, I am in love.

2. Bubs2Bikinis. Anna Strode is an Australian mommy goddess of light and positivity. Also a mommy of twins plus a baby (told you there would be a trend...) she inspires all mommies that no matter what, YOU can/should put YOUR health/happiness FIRST. With quick at home workouts that will leave you sweaty and rejuvenated in 30 minutes or less she never ceases to amaze me with her can-do approach to handling the life of three little ones. She is a bright ray of aerobic sunshine and I in love.

3. Fit Designs by Annie. Annie Miller is incredibly intelligent and knows her SH&%. She is the strength yin to my cardio yang. She does a killer job calling out the wrongs floating around the fitness industry and teaching all the rights. She too offers online training and sets out to make women strong through setting realistic goals and offering information that will educate you all the while blowing your mind. I've said it before and I'll say it again...I am in love.

If you are looking for a little fitness insta-ration (yes, I combined instagram and inspiration...I am a regular wordsmith) then make sure you check these three powerhouse Thriving Wives out; they are amazing!

Strive to thrive, 

Thursday, January 4, 2018

SQUEASEing in a POP of Health Giveaway!!!

It is a new year and why not start by making your life a bit easier and get the whole family a little healthier!

I am constantly coming up with sneaky new ways to get my picky eaters to fill up on veggies. As a lover of all greens myself, it breaks my heart to see them turn up their noses to the gorgeous garden selection I present for them each day. Thankfully, I found a way that has kept them filled with leafy greens and loads of fresh fruit...thank G.

My smoothie pops are a hit with even my pickiest of Peanut boys. He sometimes even asks for seconds! Loaded with spinach, kale, collard greens, fresh fruit and greek yogurt...what is not to love?! It makes me feel a lot better about his obsession with "mustard sandwiches" and all things carbohydrate.

I make at least two batches every few days and not only do the big boys love a good green pop but that baby can't get enough either. Added bonus...GREAT for teething!!! Since Dude cuts a new tooth every five minutes he is always noshing away filling up on healthy goodness. YAY!

Now you can get POPpin' too! Once your kids have wiped you out..I won't tell if you use the molds for some wine pops too...our secret.

Since by boys are always on the go, the addition of a Squeasy has made smoothie drinking oh so...well, easy! I prep them with green smoothies, throw them in my bag and when they are hollering for a snack while we are out and about, lucky them, they get a healthy treat on the move. While I mostly use them for smoothies, they are also great for little blended yogurt and fruit/honey! 

At first I was worried about getting them clean enough, but it's so simple! A bottle brush gets the inside as well as all those nooks and crannies leaving it clean and ready for the next use. I also love that they are basically mess free, and in a house where your boys eat these really are a gift from God!

And I am here to share these gifts with YOU!! All you need to do is start sharing the Thrive to enter. You have two weeks to make sure all your friends and family are TW followers and striving to thrive in 2018. It's that (SQU)-Easy!

Shoot me an email, DM on Insta or comment of all the people you turned on to Thrive and you will also be added to the entry list....get going, a winner will be announced on Friday, January 19th!

Good luck and get THRIVING!

Strive to thrive, 

WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year, New Approach

Happy New Year!!

2018?! How did that happen?

Time only seems to go faster with each passing day which is why I have decided to take a new approach to the new year.

I have done the whole resolutions thing, I have set goals and intentions and while that is all great, they often don't seem to stick. I did a "refocus" for 2016 and identified areas in which I wanted to concentrate my energy....still working on those.

So, my approach this year is just to live. Plain and simple.

I have a truly wonderful life filled with more blessings than I can count and all I want to do is enjoy every. single. one. In order to do that, I am also going to strive to give ZERO $#@&s about anything that doesn't bring me joy. I often become consumed with pleasing others, giving 110% to everything and worrying about what everyone thinks. Well, I am over that.

I am another year older, wiser, stronger and plan to live life in the moment, worrying about only experiencing life with my boys and feeling good about our choices, to well, feel good.

If you are still into the whole "setting" thing, then good for you. But make sure you approach every resolution/goal/intention planning to integrate change into your life to feel only positivity. If you don't like working out and you don't truly want to get "healthy", then don't. If you like being outside with your dog and want to walk a bit more with him, then do it. THAT is your getting healthy. Doing what makes you feel good and giving ZERO...(you know whats) about anything else.

Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2018 filled with joy and living each moment to the absolute fullest!

And especially now...
Strive to thrive, 

Friday, December 22, 2017

How to Gift Experiences vs Toys This Year

This is it. Christmas crunch time.

The time when everyone is running around trying to get those last minute gifts, frantically wrap them up and nestle them under that glorious tree.

While I tend to be a "shop all year round" kind of gal, like my own Thring Mommy (always listening, grabbing things people want but then forget they want therefore making it more thrilling), I have started to noticed with my own kids, that all that shopping, wrapping, opening is well... really a waste.

It seems kids these days have so much that they cannot even really enjoy it all. I see this all too much with my own spoiled angelic boys. They live amongst toy overload. Thanks to me, they have everything they could ever want, and then is just too much.

I had intended to do a "no gifts" clause at their last birthday party, but forgot to mention it on their invitations (a mistake I am still sick about) and it was rather nauseating to watch them open a seemingly endless amount of gifts.

They tore through one thing and on to the next without appreciating the thought and generosity of the person who purchased the gift. While everything was exciting at first, they soon moved on to the next until it was over...then went back to playing with their favorite old toys. I was heartbroken. Something had to change.

After a "too much" Christmas last year, a "too much" Easter, a "too much" birthday, my Thriving Husband and I decided that was it. We are done with the toys, the stuff the will forget about in one minute. Now we are focusing on experiences and as Ralphie from @simplyonpurpose would say, "Gifts of Togetherness".

This year we decided to spend all that Christmas money on things that matter, living life with our boys and making memories that will last far beyond Christmas morning.

Instead of loading the living room with stuff, this year we invested in Legoland season passes (best money ever spent for SURE), a few days at Disneyland with family and friends and ONE big toy for Daddy and his boys to do TOGETHER (what it is however, will have to remain a secret...)

Not only do we want to give them gifts of togetherness, but we also want to teach them to be appreciative and grateful for all they do have and cherish their things. As I slowly weed out old, broken or misused toys I look forward to not replacing them. Rather we talk about how to care for our toys (no smashing into walls, no walking on books...ect) to show that we love them.  We want them to learn how to be responsible for their things while also showing gratitude for what they have and what they receive.

Well, we this year and every year here after are dedicating ourselves to teaching our children what Christmas is really about. Magic, family traditions and the exciting experiences that come all year long...together.

And don't worry....they will still absolutely have things to open on Christmas morning....geez, I am not monster!

What are your thoughts on Christmas gifts? Gotten out of control or bring it on, you love a loaded tree?

Strive to thrive, 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

How to Eco Wrap this Christmas: Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with String

The holidays are the most wonderful (and expensive) time of the year. As if buying thoughtful gifts isn't enough to worry about, buying supplies to wrap these heartfelt gifts is just to much for this Thriving Wife. Not to mention you might as well just rip up and throw away the money you spend since that is basically what you do with wrapping paper....well, not me. I take a more eco-approach and use what I have on hand.

In years past I have always used newspaper as it is plentiful at my TH's fire station and is often just tossed anyway. I also have used grocery paper bags in the past too, but as we know in the state of California, those bags are not readily available or free anymore! Doesn't mean I still don't have a little stash to use for wrapping!

I took my Trader Joe's stacks and prepared each bag by cutting down the side, removing the bottom and the handles.

I was then left with one, nice, long piece of solid brown paper.

I went through the same monotonous, gift wrapping motions that one goes through to ensure my packages were perfectly prepared. Then I got excited to add some holiday flare!

Now, my "green" wrap choice is on full display under our tree!

With the big day quickly approaching, instead of running out to purchase wrapping supplies, why not see what you have around the house that can be reused. Magazines? What a perfect, picture filled choice. Newspaper? You know I love that. Brown paper bags filling up that lower cabinet? Not anymore, take them out and get wrapping! Your friends, family and Mother Earth are sure to love your recycled creativity!

 What is your go to wrap method? Love your store bought paper or are you open to mixing it up?

Strive to thrive, 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

DIY Washi Tape Christmas Cards

I just cannot get enough of this whole Washi Tape thing. I mean, there is just SO much you can do with that stuff! With seemingly endless patterns, colors and designs I am constantly whipping up things left and right. With my growing collection of holiday Washi (thank you amazing mother-in-law), it was pretty obvi that I had to do something with it this year.

While gift cards used to be an impersonal gift, I personally feel that is not (and to be honest, never has) been the case. I can't think of anything I love more than someone giving me money I HAVE to spend. You can't put a gift card in savings. You can't pay a bill with a gift card. You MUST spend it...on something you want...ummmm, yeah, that is the best gift ever!  Not that I don't try to find thoughtful gifts for family and friends, I do, but for most, the gift card seems the way to go.

Rather than throw the card in the standard store provided envelope, I decided to show my love this season through my Washi work. I grabbed some random opaque paper (I know, who has that around? my original plan was my trusty index card, but I happened upon the more festive paper), envelopes, metallic marker and my Christmas Washi selection.

I assessed my stash and decided to mix and match patterns. I went with one wordy one graphic and tried to choose two that contrasted yet complimented each other.

Once the cards were assembled, I reached into my stack of gift cards and matched the chosen "must spend money" to the loved on in mind.

A few more tears tape and I was done! Using my metallic pen I added the "to" and "love" and started stuffing into envelopes.

And just like that I was done. No major wrapping, no boring envelope, just a little DIY Washi-ing. I swear, Washi tape is the gift that NEVER stops giving! It adds a pizazz to any and everything. God...I am obsessed!!!

What is your vote on gift cards? Hell yes or No way? Washi lover or hater?

Strive to thrive, 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

DIY Breakfast to Go - Overnight Oats

There is nothing I love more than a healthy, meal to take on the go. I am constantly on the run and sadly eat the majority of my meals over the sink or while in route. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that eating most anything I can prep ahead of time, grab and eat out of a jar is life.

Even better is finding things my kids will eat as they have become picky little monsters. I am always finding new tricks to keep them filled with fruits and veggies and living that #healthylife we so strive to live. Especially this time of year when the schedule gets more packed and the sugar intake hits an all time high (I am never one to turn down a holiday treat, never).

Overnight oats are by far my favorite breakfast (ok, that's a lie, my favorite is a huge breakfast burrito, but this is surely my second). I make enough for the week, in all different flavors and can eat them while I prep the boys food, in the car or even at school on those few days I work.

Healthy, easy and oh so tasty...a Thriving Wife's dream!

I use 16 oz, wide mouth Masons as they are my fave, but whatever you have will work!

First add your oats.

Next add in your yogurt and milk of choice.

Grab whatever fruit, nuts, seeds or random deliciousness you want to add and throw it in there!

Screw on a lid, give it a hard shake to mix everything up and you are DONE!

If you are me, then you of course add a Washi tape label to differentiate the flavors before storing in the fridge for the next day(s).

Come morning you will have a whole grain, protein party to start your day. Who I ask, doesn't love that?

Heck, why not sprinkle of your Thriving Homemade Granola to add a sweet crunch to every bite? I know I do!

Are you ready to do a little prep for a week of nutritious and delicious morning meals? I think you are!

What are some of your favorite overnight oat recipes?

Strive to thrive,