Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Summer Swim Workout - Preggo Approved!

Channeling my Mermaid Mommy more than ever these days!

It is like the Universe knows I need my daily workout and therefore honors my needs by giving me Fall babies. August, October and now (soon to be) September have been when all my babies have made it into my arms. As I get bigger, my workouts evolve into low impact, low intensity. I am so thankful to have swimming be my go-to third trimester workout.

Granted, you can and should absolutely swim anytime during pregnancy or not pregnant at all,  but something about relieving all that weight while also feeling that burn I so love really makes me look forward to it. That and I am a terrible swimmer so I am seriously dying after each lap...

From jogging, kicking, lap swimming to treading, this is a total (preggo approved) body workout. Best part, it is GREAT for getting baby into position for that calm, easy birth we all prepare for...and no, I did not make that up, a midwife told me.

Since I now have my own pool  (not a lap pool by any means) I set my timer for 30 minutes and go back and forth from corner to corner across the pool. The big boys LOVE watching and cheering me on too which makes it even more fun!

Kicking is my favorite; flutter, "mermaid" aka butterfly kick and breaststroke all get 10 laps.  Don't forget your hat!

Once I've done my kicks and my legs are on fire, it is time to grab one of my kid's goggles (lash protection always is a top priority) and get in my laps!

This is where I reallllllllly struggle, but I LOVE IT!
One more round of treading water and I have gotten in a great workout while enjoying some family fun in the sun. Love that.

Have access to a pool and want to give this splash worthy workout a try? Well then, here you go! The workout below is based on a lap pool, but if you've got one in your backyard, just find the longest distance and go for it!

As I countdown these last 10 weeks of my very last pregnancy, I can honestly say, THANK G FOR THE POOL! It has saved me once again and I look forward to kicking my way to that second unmedicated VBAC and meeting my sweet Richie!

Anything I should try next time I take my daily dip?

Strive to thrive, 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Momtrepreneur - The Launch of Thriving & Organized

It should come as no surprise to those of you who know me that I am suuuuper obsessed with cleaning and organizing. So after years of refreshing my own home, helping friends and family I listened to those ever present suggestions of, "You should totally do this as your job, you'd be so great!" and am DOING IT!

Oh hey you overall wearing, clipboard carrying, post it loving organizer!

I know what you are thinking..."What?! You are crazy! How could you possibly add ONE more thing to your already overflowing plate?!". Well, my answer is, "There is no shame in filling your life with things you love. And this is something I love. Thank you very much for your concern." 

But, I mean, can you even imagine if this could be, like, my "real job"?! You know, beyond my "realest of the real jobs" of raising four kind, compassionate, caring gentlemen?

So, after realllllly thinking about it, discussing it with my TH and TM (obviously any time I am away from the kids I need their help, so their opinions and support is essential) I decided to go for it. If I fail, I fail. But at least I will be able to sleep at night knowing that I tried.  What do I have to lose? Oh wait, nothing.

I am so incredibly proud to announce myself to the Temecula Valley (and surrounding areas), as an Organizing Specialist. I have made myself a legit business lady, license and all!  At long last, my time and expertise is available and I couldn't be more excited! I have all summer and most of next year (yes, I will have a new baby, but will also be out on maternity leave so I'll have a bit more "free time") to really hustle and see what happens.

I always look to drive inspiration from friends and fellow momtrepreneur's who allow me to believe that it is in fact possible to do it all.

Heck, I have enough doubt of my own so taking strength from these women that are following their passion and owning it is my latest jam.

Alas, it is I, Emilia, the owner/operator of Thriving & Organized, where I help you renew and refresh, one space at a time. Looking forward to what the future may hold for this go-getting mommy of four!

Look me up and/or email me for more information if you think my services may be something you are looking for!

*Special thanks to my forever cheerleader Mrs. G for not only suggesting this idea to me long ago, but always building me up and making me believe it is possible. Also, my fellow TW Nic for all her tech help and endless question/answer sessions as I navigate these new waters. Lastly, my amazing TM and TH for letting me chase my dream and see what happens. Love you all!*

Strive to thrive, 

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thursday's Thriving Thought - Live the Dream

Life is what you make it. All the things you dream, manifest and embrace are yours to enjoy. I can honestly say my long dreamt up fairy tale has come true in every way possible and I couldn't be more grateful. All that is left is for me to go live the dream in which I created.

With another beautiful summer upon us, I am so exited to be able to create more magical memories with my guys before we welcome our last little man. So, raise your mock/cocktails and let's cheers to creating AND living the fairy tales we dream of.  Hey, if Ariel can do it, so can we!

Strive to thrive, 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

5 Ingredient DIY Lavender Sunscreen

**This recipe has NOT been tested by a regulatory organization and therefore cannot with certainty make any claims to the SPF content***

*Use caution when using zinc oxide and do NOT inhale powder*

As a Thriving eco-mommy I am always looking for healthier ways to live. From cloth diapering, to making my own cleaning products and even getting into making my own beauty products I love trying to make more natural choices for my family. 

Thankfully, my girl Wellness Mama is an endless resource for all things natural and DIY. As usual she came through again with a natural alternative a product we use multiple times a day... sunscreen!

With little ones playing outside most of the day I am quite serious about sunscreen and the constant reapplication of said sun protection. However, I want to make sure that what I am continually covering my littles skin in is safe and as non toxic as possible. Katie, aka, Wellness Mama shares a ton of research on the harmful effects of most sunscreens and smart ways to stay sun safe.

I was amazed to learn about the suggested SPF of individual ingredients and how when combined they could provide just the sun protection we needed for playing outside...before I applied more an hour later...

This simple 5 ingredient recipe is natural, cost effective, easy to make, feels good on skin, smells amazing and keeps the bugs away (did you know lavender is a natural repellant to moths, flies, mosquitos and fleas?!)

Once you have your ingredients (if you aren't into lavender, just make sure to not go with a citrus essential oil as they increase sensitive to the sun) it is time to get cooking!

Combine all ingredients BUT the zinc oxide in a pint size mason jar (or larger).  I have one on hand that I reuse for making other natural beauty products too...that wax is tricky to clean...

Fill a medium saucepan with a couple inches of water and place over medium heat. Place the lid loosely on the jar and put it in the water.

As the water heats the ingredients in the jar will begin to melt; stir occasionally. 

Once the ingredients are completely melted (carefully) add the zinc oxide powder and stir well.

Pour sunscreen into a jar or tin for storage...I obviously went with my go-to, the all mighty Mason.

Stir a few times as it cools to make sure the zinc oxide is evenly distributed and store at room temperature. 

Hit it with a Washi label and you are ready for some safe fun in the sun!

I absolutely love how this sunscreen feels and smells. The way it leaves a thick white lather on the boys' skin makes me feel great that they are super sun safe...some may not like that, but I do!

Most of all, I love knowing EXACTLY what I am slathering alllllll over my babies bodies! Thank you Wellness Mama for always providing me with great natural alternatives for well...everything!

What is your favorite sunscreen?

Strive to thrive, 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

10 Minute Tushy Toner - Preggo Approved

Since my days of teaching fitness classes (for more than myself) are on hold for a bit, I really try to mix up my workouts.

I tend to find comfort in intense cardio (well, as intense as can be when you are growing a human), so I make a point to include weight training 3-4 times a week.  One of my favorite zones to target? My tush. 

My body goes through quite a transition when pregnant. I expand early on and while I stay consistent with my healthy lifestyle, I still seem to struggle embracing the changes my glorious body goes through to create life.  I remind myself this is all temporary, rub my big belly and get back to doing what I love most (well right up there with organizing/cleaning)...sweating.

Now that the intensity of my workouts has slowed (no more squat jumps for now) I love to pull out some of my low impact, burn until you cry, fast and furious exercises. This FOR SHO is one I never tire of...I love to hate it.

This PopSugar, 10 Minute Booty Burner requires only a mat, 5 pound weight (or less) a timer and a ten minute commitment to yearn for that burn. 

Each exercise is only 30 seconds, I repeat, only 30 seconds. Easy enough right? I mean you can do ANYTHING for 30 seconds...ha. Talk to me after.

I love this booty blaster and incorporate it into my weekly weight routine regularly.  I feel my tush and hamstrings getting tighter and only pray this dedication pays off...especially once I shed my pregnancy suit this Fall!

Do you have any good workouts for your backside?  PLEASE share!

Strive to thrive, 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Recipe Rave Review: Sweet Crock-Pot Cherry Delight

Summer always brings out my sweeeeeeet cherry pie tooth. While I love a good slice of ooey, gooey pie, when I was flipping through my trusty Crock-Pot cookbook and saw this easy recipe that was sure to meet all my cherry needs!

All I did was melt the butter, mixed it with the cake mix, put it on top of the cherry filling and BAM... pressed start.  It was just too easy. Perhaps not the most healthiest of choices, but come on, every once in awhile is just fine!

I let it cook on low for four hours and kept checking to see when that cake had cooked. As the cherry delight finished up, I whipped up a batch of vanilla ice cream maker. Obviously it needed to be eaten à la mode!  Soon it was time!!

I grabbed myself a sweet schoop and topped with two fresh dollops of ice cream.

Ooooooohhhhhhh yeah. Now that, that was on point. I strongly suggest if you want to fulfill that cherry craving on the fly and without the pie, give this quick and easy recipe a try! I had to hide it to keep from everyone scarfing it down in one sitting!

Strive to thrive, 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Earth Mama Knows Best - Mother's Day Shopping!

It is nearly Mother's Day. The one day when it is required by the calendar to overly appreciate and openly adore your mommy. A day when your husband/partner and children should go above and beyond to ensure you know, without a doubt, that THEY know, you are the glue that holds the family together. The one day when you should be showered with homemade gifts, delicious treats...and my personal favorite...mommy, just me time. No that is not a typo. It is NOT mommy and me.  It's mommy, just me.

Get it straight. (Gasp) I know, I am a horrible person.

Well, now that my dark secret is out, let's get real about what we, as mommies, really need to be doing this weekend - treating ourselves and our bodies as the miraculous beings that they are. It's so easy to forget that our needs even matter when dealing with gaggles of children who require our unyielding attention. It's simple to deny ourselves in an effort to make sure they get only the best.

I get it. I am all about putting my little men above myself...well, unless it interferes with my monthly maintenance, I don't bend on that.

It seems as though each time I get pregnant, I again become hyper aware of what is going on and in my body. I feel an immense amount of pressure to provide only the best for the little human inside me. Now is just about the only time I can deny them crap and not get screamed at. I try to use the most natural products as I know what goes ON my body also goes IN my body.

I have been so honored to be a included in Earth Mama's Bump Squad during my final pregnancy and get to really explore ALL their amazing products. It has felt like a on going, upcoming retirement party for my uterus.

While I have been using their natural goodies for the past five years (I fell in love with their nipple butter after the twins and of course pounded milkmaid tea as I am a dedicated milk hoarder) and have always been more than willing to purchase their line of "grounded in nature, powered by love" products. I mean NOTHING spells out Mother's Day than a regular pampering session that makes you feel great and puts your mind at total ease knowing everything you are touching is the best it can be. Am I right or am I right? Bring on the belly butter!

Each sip of tea, soapy scrub, belly lather and daily does of  deodorant has been such a treat. I mean, the only thing I want more of is eevveerryytthhiinnngg. Please, Earth Mama, produce everything this mommy needs! I mean, bring on the self tanner, makeup line, hair care selections, make it, I'll buy it!

Not only are the products natural, organic and absolutely amazing but they are also are committed to protecting the Earth and appreciating her resources. How could you not love that? From pregnancy and beyond Earth Mama really does know best and I am happy to listen!

To help you prepare for Mother's Day this weekend, you need to load up a shopping cart. Even if you aren't pregnant or nursing, you still deserve only the best! Here are my suggestions on not to miss items.


1. (ALL THE ) Deodorant(s). As someone who has battled with stank for years and finally found relief when making my own deodorant, this Earth Mama magic takes it to a whole new level. No irritation with this baking soda concoction! Made for super sensitive skin, you can slap this on after a fresh shave and have nothing to worry about but smelling like a dreeeaam. Don't feel any pressure to choose just one...I suggest the mini pack  -- try them all! I'm a lavender girl sniff and I'm as calm as a cucumber.

2. (ALL THE) Tea(s).  Who doesn't love a hot (or cold) cup of delicious herbal tea. Whether you are drinking to promote wellness, keep heartburn away, or remain calm/anxiety free, Earth Mama has got you covered. Perfectly blended, each organic herb combo will have you begging for another help yourself! I have been basically hooked to an IV of my Morning Wellness Tea and look forward to it each day.

3. (ALL THE) Balm(s). I love me a good balm and these are da bomb. Smooth and so natural you don't mind biting your lip a bit and kinda eating them...hey, it happens...but now you can feel GOOD about it! Coconut Smoothie has me island bound and I love a second long vacation!

I mean I could really keep going, but I am going to stop there as you should check out their products on your own and shop away. It is your weekend after all so get on over to Earth Mama and see for yourself!

Strive to thrive,