Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Recipe - Oh So Easy Ice Cream Sammies

Summer is here! And for me, summer is a time to eat ice cream. Well, who am I kidding...any season is a time to eat ice cream. 

Since our house... A) Loves summer B) Loves ice cream and C) Loves cookies...the boys asked if we could make our very own  ice cream cookie sandwiches. My answer, of course!

We baked some cookies the day before, made some ice cream using one of my favorite appliances and set up our work space. Cookies, ice cream and of course, assorted sprinkles!

I laid down some wax paper so after the boys put them together, they could roll in sprinkles and then wrap them up in wax paper to be stored for later.

I scooped out some fresh ice cream, placed on the top cookie and the boys squished it down to perfection. The goal was to have a slight ice cream ooze...all the better to sprinkle with!

Next up, they choose a sprinkle and just rolled the ice cream ooze to make sure each part was evenly blasted with a pop of sugary color!

Next, wrap the wax paper around the cookie, secured with a colorful sticker and stored away in the freezer.

So easy and SO fun! Cookie, ice cream, sprinkle, WRAP!

We now have sweet desserts for those late summer nights by the pool!

Now all I want to do is make all sorts of different kinds! I am thinking a chocolate, chocolate chip cookie with Mexican chocolate ice cream? Who's with me?!

What suggestions do you have? Any sammies you wish you could now?

Strive to Thrive, 

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