Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How to Make Your Own Snack Pouches

Pouches are all the rage right now. Applesauce, greens, fruits, I mean there is a pouch for everything these days. I myself love a good pouch and am happy to give my boys a little snack while on the go. However, I want to make sure I know every little ingredient that is going their bodies. Since I used all organic fruits and vegetables to make their baby food, I was ecstatic to inherit an Infantino Squeeze Station from my sister-in-law to continue to make yummy snacks for them while on the go. Now my boys drink greens while I save them!

If you too give your kids a pouch here and there, you know they aren't the cheapest thing on the market. However, to purchase your own maker with BPA, PVC and phthalate free pouches is great for the not only the mommy mind, but also the pocketbook. 

The Squeeze Station is so easy to set up and use. Take your favorite smoothie recipe, make a huge batch in your blender, load, push and twist on the top. My recipe variations always include lots of greens!

I can make tons of pouches with one big batch of delicious organic smoothie. I make smoothies nearly every day for my family anyway, might as well make a ton of pouches for my boys to snack on.

If you are a mommy who likes to make healthy snacks for your littles, then this pouch maker is for you!

What are your favorite snacks for kids?

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