Thursday, April 21, 2016

DIY Baby Wipe Solution

Being a cloth diapering mommy, I love to cut down on waste. I wanted to try my hand at cloth wipes as well, but decided to limit that to diapers featuring only urine. I was toooootally comfortable going all in with disposable wipes for good ole' poop as I had no interest on washing those bits of cloth knowing what comes out of those two beasts on a daily basis.

I had my collection of glass bottles due to my obsession with essential oils and now needed a recipe that was all natural and would clean my two boy tushies in a snap. Thankfully, I found loads of recipes to meet my needs, and one even featured everything I already had at home...YES! 

With only 5 ingredients, this wipe solution was made in minutes. 

I first mixed the oils and soap, then added them to the water before transferring into my spray bottle.

Once this sweet smelling solution was mixed, I filled up my 4 oz spray bottle (I tried using a bigger bottle but the boys just wanted to play with it and ended up dropping in on the other's I downsized) and had a whole second batch to throw in the diaper bag or just keep on hand as we go through a lot. 

Instead of going out to buy cloth wipes, recycle an old cotton t-shirt by cutting it into squares and there you go! After each use, I place them in a garment bag so they don't get lost in the daily laundry load. Then I shove them back into the bag I use to store them (a shoe travel bag is more than enough space and can easily fit into whatever you use for a changing station) and I am ready to go at all times!

I love this solution and knowing exactly what is in it. It smells great, cleans those butts and leaves them silky smooth from the added carrier oil. The savings on wipes alone has been astounding and I can't believe I didn't start this from the moment they were born!

What homemade solutions to you use?

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