Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tips for the Thriving Hostess

I have always loved entertaining and being a hostess. While it has presented a few more challenges now that I have two little people who are in constant need of my attention, I have made a few tweaks to my planning approach and continue to thrive.  Let me also thank my wonderful Thriving Mommy and Husband who are quick to help me out when I want to don my fancy apron and focus on my guests.

If you too are a hostess with the most-est, I am sure you will agree, your table set up is key. I tend to employ the same few tricks which always leave produce a gorgeous result.

1. Dress up your table. Would you want to show up at an event naked? Well, neither does your table. Dress it up with a linen tablecloth. No, I don't mean a plastic one you got at the dollar store (unless this is some sort of kids BBQ mess hall theme you are going with), I mean a legit cloth one, preferably of the vintage variety. "Em are you nuts, where am I going to find that? I don't have time to go searching flea markets?". Easy girl, have you checked out your local thrift store? Goodwill, Savers, Salvation Army? Because if you had, I am sure you would have stumbled across something suitable.  And geez...make time to go to a flea market, they are amazing!

2. Recycle, reduce reuse... linen napkins. Paper goods are all fine and good if you are entertaining the masses, but when hosting an intimate gathering bust out the linen napkins. I have a vast collection to keep my daily dinners in order and sassy selection for when the guests come to town. Show your guests how classy and Earth forward you are with your own personal set.

3. Use what you have. As we all know I have acquired a lot of wonderful things over the years. One of my favorites? Vintage napkin rings. Take a look at your inventory and see how you can get creative. Even if it is as simple as wrapped up napkins in ribbon, use what you have to add pizazz.

4. Mix n' match dishes. Not everyone has a 30 piece set of assorted floral vintage china...but they should. Take the dishes you have and mix them up. Don't feel you have to use all the same patterns, get wild and mix it up with colors, shapes and designs. It will surely add a pop of life to any table. 

5. Bring in the blooms. Ditch the stress of a fancy centerpiece and bring in basic blooms. My usual go-to is Costco as I love their roses and getting two dozen for $17 is right up my alley. Lucky for me, the roses, lavender and lilac around my home are in full force so there is no need to purchase. Use old bottles, crystal rocks glasses (as seen here), basic coffee cups or mason jars as low lying vases. Drop little bunches on the table and around where you plan on gathering to brighten any space. 

What are your favorite table settings? Any tips to share hostess to hostess?

Strive to thrive, 

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