Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mommy Get That Body Back: 1 Month Post Partum

I am incredibly passionate about health and fitness. I love to work out and I work hard to keep my body tight and right.  Despite having to slam on the breaks due to needing to be cautions during my pregnancy, I still lifted weights, walked and swam as much as possible. I kept eating healthy while staying active, I still gained 75 pounds in total when carrying my twin boys. I went from a fit 150 to cool 225...whoa. I was never really concerned with getting my body back since I was one of those rare creatures that looked forward to a post pregnancy sprint down the street like it was Christmas morning.

My belly at maximum capacity....just days before I went into labor
As soon as I popped those babies out, I was hitting the hospital halls like a mad woman. I was doing my laps (increasing how far I went each time around), heck I even threw in some punches to get my arms going too! But my favorite exercise of all that I never stopped doing before, during or right after pregnancy...engaging my core.  Now, I know my stomach was pretty good before, but even I was surprised how quickly my uterus was shrinking down and my tummy was looking more normal each day. My TH did a great job making sure we got out of the house and walked each day knowing that would only assist in a speedy recovery. Once a day, we loaded up the babies and hit the neighborhood always going a little farther from home. I loved being able to tie my running shoes again and was thrilled to not have to worry about pushing myself and getting a little sweaty. Granted, I wasn't getting crazy as I was well aware I needed to be careful, I mean I did have a C-section a week ago, but it was still nice to be moving and not be pregnant for once.

1 week after giving birth...tummy is already way down!
As I neared the two week mark, I noticed that all that nasty swelling had finally left my body. I woke up one morning, looked down and couldn't beleive my legs were back, bony ankles and all!  Once I hit the two week mark, I decided it was time to weigh myself, I was down 45 pounds! WHOO HOOOOOO!!!  I kept up my daily walks and between my nursing sessions I found time to set down a sleeping baby and bustle around the house. But since I wasn't cleared by my doctor to kick up my sweat sessions yet, I just kept sucking in my gut, standing up straight and moving as much as I could.

2 weeks after my boys came into the world...
To celebrate my boys being four weeks old I asked my Thriving Mommy to take me on her favorite Laguna Beach walk. I was ready to kick it up a bit and was thrilled to take in miles of gorgeous ocean views and salt air. For their one-month-day, I gave myself a little present...a run around my neighborhood.  As soon as my feet hit the pavement I felt more alive than ever.  Ten long months was far too long for me to be separated from my dear sweet cardio.  As I sprinted down the street I felt tears start to fall down my cheeks. The sun warmed my face, wind blew through my hair while my lungs and heart worked hard to fuel my muscles. It was simply amazing!

4 weeks after babies

With 50 pounds down that leaves the last (and hardest) 25 to go.  Next up, adding in a daily weight lifting regiment to strengthen my legs and arms.  In addition to my daily mommy runs I also have enlisted my TH to help me set up my boxing bag in the backyard so I can start doing some at home kick boxing classes. That mixed with some serious ab work and I think I will be back to my pre baby body just in time for my 30th birthday in December.

Stay tuned for more post-pregnancy mommy workouts!

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