Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Posture: At The CORE Of Your Problems

A lady's midsection is often at the root of her body issues.  While I myself am more concerned with my lower body, I have found that most women are insecure about their tummies.  Genetics, diet, lifestyle, and childbirth can all play a hand in this concern. Carrying a baby can especially wreak havoc on a midsection if proper diet and exercise are not maintained throughout one's pregnancy. Furthermore, I have lots of friends that come to me not even sure where to start on their quest for a two piece ready body.

My first answer is always posture.  The best thing you can do for your core is to suck it in... ALL DAY LONG.  I created a little game with those interested in taking the posture challenge and will randomly walk up to them and give them a little slap in their bellies. Others who are not so interested in the physical game I can just give a little nod and eyebrow raise to their mid section and they immediately suck it in.  By concentrating on bringing that belly button to your spine, you activate your core muscles.  When you activate muscles, you burn calories.

The challenge is not easy and even I dare say painful at first (your lower back won't know what to do with itself when you sit and stand correctly, so it starts to ache... that tells you it is weak), but it is well worth it.  When you walk, shoulders back, chest out, core engaged.  Always stand tall, tummy tight and activated when moving throughout your day.  Same when you sit, shoulders are back, chest is out and you are pulling that belly in.  If you need to start with something behind your chair to prompt you, go for it.  Use anything from a foam block, firm pillow or book set to keep you aware of your posture.

No lady wants to be Quasimodo with humped shoulders and big 'ole gut hanging out, so stand up tall, suck it in and take on your day not only confident, but giving those abs the best all-day workout they could ever ask for!

I'm punching your belly now... is it tight?!

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