Thursday, March 13, 2014

Walk It Out

Since my workouts have gone from hours of intense cycling or kick boxing to aggressive walking, I have had to force myself to learn to love it. While I am beyond ecstatic about my pregnancy and win over infertility, I won't pretend to not be grieving over the fact that I didn't have the opportunity to naturally slow down my pace and find a comfortable exercise pattern appropriate for being pregnant.  But alas, what can I do about it? I am growing two perfect babies and therefore nothing else matters.  Nothing.

So, instead of hitting the gym after school and teaching to a room full of faithful followers, I head home and prepare to walk my heart out for one hour.  I lace up my shoes, throw on my wrist weights (2 lbs each) and get my iPhone set to track my steps, time and distance.  Thankfully, they do not call it Laguna HILLS for nothing and I am often power walking uphill with sweat gathering on my forehead and a HUGE smile on my face.  I LOVE to feel my muscles working and oh boy, how I am addicted to those endorphins!

Not only has walking become a positive part of my daily routine, but it has also allowed my TH and I some nice "couple" time.  It feels great to get out of the house together, do an hour long walk/chat session and spend some time together not on the couch or eating dinner each evening. Since he has never been into working out with me because I am rather beast like and competitive, it always brings me such happiness to see him so supportive of our walking routine. I love how he is always suited up and ready to walk as soon as I get home from work.  He knows how much it means to me to have a healthy activity in my day and is always happy to accompany me.

While I was never much of a walker, (preferring a nice sprint interval instead), I must say it is a great workout.  I burn about 300 calories, engage multiple muscles (core, arms, legs), yet don't come home with sore knees from wear and tear on my body since it is low impact.  If you really get moving it is a nice little way to end the night.

I know I will continue to incorporate walking into my daily routine because it is a great activity to do with my family.  I can just see my TH and I pushing a double wide stroller or with a baby strapped on each of us hitting our 4 mile loop after dinner.  I just can't wait!!!

Do you walk as part of your daily routine?  Do you also find it a good way to get in some outside family time?

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