Friday, February 7, 2014

IV...What the F - The Results

With my IVF treatment and bed rest behind me, it was back to work for one more week before heading into my fertility specialist's office to take my pregnancy test (and not those pee on a stick kind, the take your blood out of your arm kind...we don't mess around).  After what seemed like a life time, that fateful Saturday morning arrived.  I went to the office feeling SURE I was pregnant.  I refused to let one minute of negativity get to me, I just wasn't having it!

The test was quick, but the results...well they would take up to an hour.  I asked my BFF S. if I could wait,  but she told me to go out and do something fun, like shop for a bit.  She assured me she would call me the second they were done.  I took her advice and headed to the nearby Anthropologie.  A half hour passed, I called.  No results yet.  After another agonizing 30 minutes I called and talked to the lovely S.....she had good news...


After tearful screams, giggles and more screams she made my next appointment (just three days later) for more blood work and my first ultra sound!!!  I quickly got off the phone, tried to compose myself and called my TH at work.  Once I said I had good news, I thought we had gotten cut off, the phone seemed to have gone dead...then he finally said, "Are you serious?!" No, I'm joking...geez louise, of course I am serious!! He perked up a bit and said, "Congratulations babe"... then got called off to go fight a  Oh well, there were many other people to call, so I did!!  I wasn't at all worried about the first trimester waiting period to tell our family, these were the strongest little babies we could ever make, so we shared the news to all those who supported us through this long and emotional journey.

The reactions were a lot of the same: tears, screams and excitement.  After two weeks of rubbing my belly and telling those cells to stay strong, I finally reached down again through my sobs and said, "Everything from here on out will be perfect, your mommy is here".  And it was.

At my next appointment we got some more great news...we were having TWINS!  I knew it, I knew it!! I was 100% certain when we put those two in that I would get two out.  Our doctor had mentioned this time and time again to make sure we were comfortable having multiples.  She had the utmost confidence in my body's ability to carry these two blastocysts to term and she was right!  

My first ultrasound showed two perfect black little specks.  With the first trimester underway, I knew what was ahead of me: weekly visits to the fertility office for ultra sounds (the highlight of my week) and blood work to monitor my hormones.   Then there was not so fun part of the first trimester, nightly intramuscular (super deep shots into your muscle with a massive needle) progesterone shots and the annoying gooey estrogen patches.

While the shots totally and utterly sucked, at least I only had to do them once a day (some had to do twice, ouch!).  They not only left huge bruises on my back (they had to be given on the sides of your lower back, so of course you couldn't do it yourself) but also massive welts.  I had major soreness and tenderness each day, but every bit of pain I went through was totally and utterly worth it.  Just getting to see my "littles" grow each week would have given me the strength to do that damn shot each hour if I had to.  I got to hear their heartbeats on my second ultra sound and was in utter amazement.  These tiny little lives were barely visible, yet there was a little flash, flutter and a steady teeny tiny beating heart...on each of them!

With each week that passed my appointments started to become the same, "Oh you are just perfect", "Another spectacular check up!"  My blood work was always on point and those babies were right on target each week.  I was overcome with so much happiness I barely knew what to do with myself!  Since things were going so great, my doctor started weaning me off of my medications by week 8.    By week 10, I was shot/patch free and my body was giving my "littles" everything they needed naturally.  I was practically a "normal" pregnant person, FINALLY!!!!!!

As I am now safely embarking on week 13 and have made it through my first trimester, I am able to look back at all the struggles I faced and realize that while it wasn't easy, it made me so much stronger.  I am able to use my story to help others and be the strength that is sometimes too hard to conjure up yourself.  I can share my knowledge with other people and help them get as much information as possible to also make their dreams come true.  

Despite knowing through my first trimester that everything would be fine and very rarely feeling worry or concern for the health of my "littles", I am still happy it is behind me.  I am now just like any other pregnant lady on the street: I have to wait weeks for my  next ultra sound, can go to yoga regularly and start taking baby classes, heck I can REALLY kick my purchasing into high gear (despite my years of collecting).  

All of my dreams are coming true thanks to modern medicine, the support of our families, friends and our dedication to never giving up; no matter what.  I'd like to give a HUGE, MAJOR, EARTH SHAKING thank you to the Fertility Center of Southern California and Dr. Ilene Hatch.   Not only was she everything we could have ever hoped for in a fertility doctor, but her staff is truly the best of the best.  Everyone with whom you work with is patient, caring and compassionate.  They make you feel like you are the only client in the world (despite the always packed waiting room) and as though you could never ask too many questions.  It was through the amazing Dr. Hatch that we  not only have two beautiful babies on the way, but she also made it possible to enjoy the experience through her willingness to excitement to make our lives complete.  From the bottom of my, my TH's and the two little hearts inside of me now, THANK YOU.

For any/all of you who are dealing with this struggle to start a family, I urge you to never give up, never stop believing and never stop seeing the life you want for yourself.  Do your best to remain positive and strong, it will all work always does.

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