Thursday, January 9, 2014

Juicing Recipe - Bloody Delicious

What better way to kick off clean eating than with another great juice recipe?!  So far we have given you quite a few options to add to your cleanly diet and now we are ready to add Bloody Delicious to our lovely list! Feel free to add some of our other recipes to your new eating plan as well...

I mean if all the stars are doing it (as per last week's issue Us Weekly) then why shouldn't you?!

If you are aren't already familiar with my love of juice, check it out, I only hope it motivates you that much more!  If you are already a juicier or recently decided you want to be,  let us help you get started.  Try this bloody delicious (say this in a British accent) orange juice concoction today!

As always, please remember, my servings are based on 32 oz. mason jars, and I always make two.  So ultimately, these recipes make 64 ounces of power packed juice.  Strive to use organic produce for "soft skinned" fruit and any vegetables. Oranges and pineapple (unless you throw the skin in the juicer) are acceptable non-organics as their skins are not able to be juiced.

juicing recipe

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