Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Juicing Recipe - Lettuce Be Green

Really love greens and just want to power down your nutrients without all the fuss of fruit? Then this recipe is for you.  Looking for motivation to start juicing?  Read my journey and see if it gives you just the push you need. I only hope it motivates you that much more!  If you are in fact ready to do give it your all, then let me help you get started.  Our feature juice today is not to be messed with.  Get in those greens and be on your way powered up!

As always, please remember, my servings are based on 32 oz. mason jars, and I always make two.  So ultimately, these recipes make 64 ounces of power packed juice.  Strive to use organic produce for "soft skinned" fruit and any vegetables. Oranges and pineapple (unless you throw the skin in the juicer) are acceptable non-organics as their skins are not able to be juiced.

juicing recipe

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