Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Earth Mama Knows Best - Mother's Day Shopping!

It is nearly Mother's Day. The one day when it is required by the calendar to overly appreciate and openly adore your mommy. A day when your husband/partner and children should go above and beyond to ensure you know, without a doubt, that THEY know, you are the glue that holds the family together. The one day when you should be showered with homemade gifts, delicious treats...and my personal favorite...mommy, just me time. No that is not a typo. It is NOT mommy and me.  It's mommy, just me.

Get it straight. (Gasp) I know, I am a horrible person.

Well, now that my dark secret is out, let's get real about what we, as mommies, really need to be doing this weekend - treating ourselves and our bodies as the miraculous beings that they are. It's so easy to forget that our needs even matter when dealing with gaggles of children who require our unyielding attention. It's simple to deny ourselves in an effort to make sure they get only the best.

I get it. I am all about putting my little men above myself...well, unless it interferes with my monthly maintenance, I don't bend on that.

It seems as though each time I get pregnant, I again become hyper aware of what is going on and in my body. I feel an immense amount of pressure to provide only the best for the little human inside me. Now is just about the only time I can deny them crap and not get screamed at. I try to use the most natural products as I know what goes ON my body also goes IN my body.

I have been so honored to be a included in Earth Mama's Bump Squad during my final pregnancy and get to really explore ALL their amazing products. It has felt like a on going, upcoming retirement party for my uterus.

While I have been using their natural goodies for the past five years (I fell in love with their nipple butter after the twins and of course pounded milkmaid tea as I am a dedicated milk hoarder) and have always been more than willing to purchase their line of "grounded in nature, powered by love" products. I mean NOTHING spells out Mother's Day than a regular pampering session that makes you feel great and puts your mind at total ease knowing everything you are touching is the best it can be. Am I right or am I right? Bring on the belly butter!

Each sip of tea, soapy scrub, belly lather and daily does of  deodorant has been such a treat. I mean, the only thing I want more of is eevveerryytthhiinnngg. Please, Earth Mama, produce everything this mommy needs! I mean, bring on the self tanner, makeup line, hair care selections, make it, I'll buy it!

Not only are the products natural, organic and absolutely amazing but they are also are committed to protecting the Earth and appreciating her resources. How could you not love that? From pregnancy and beyond Earth Mama really does know best and I am happy to listen!

To help you prepare for Mother's Day this weekend, you need to load up a shopping cart. Even if you aren't pregnant or nursing, you still deserve only the best! Here are my suggestions on not to miss items.


1. (ALL THE ) Deodorant(s). As someone who has battled with stank for years and finally found relief when making my own deodorant, this Earth Mama magic takes it to a whole new level. No irritation with this baking soda concoction! Made for super sensitive skin, you can slap this on after a fresh shave and have nothing to worry about but smelling like a dreeeaam. Don't feel any pressure to choose just one...I suggest the mini pack  -- try them all! I'm a lavender girl sniff and I'm as calm as a cucumber.

2. (ALL THE) Tea(s).  Who doesn't love a hot (or cold) cup of delicious herbal tea. Whether you are drinking to promote wellness, keep heartburn away, or remain calm/anxiety free, Earth Mama has got you covered. Perfectly blended, each organic herb combo will have you begging for another help yourself! I have been basically hooked to an IV of my Morning Wellness Tea and look forward to it each day.

3. (ALL THE) Balm(s). I love me a good balm and these are da bomb. Smooth and so natural you don't mind biting your lip a bit and kinda eating them...hey, it happens...but now you can feel GOOD about it! Coconut Smoothie has me island bound and I love a second long vacation!

I mean I could really keep going, but I am going to stop there as you should check out their products on your own and shop away. It is your weekend after all so get on over to Earth Mama and see for yourself!

Strive to thrive, 

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