Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thursday's Thriving Thought - What You Say

As a mommy I think it is fair to say we all do our best not to judge other moms. But I think we can also honestly say that we often compare/contrast/analyze and question what we are doing versus those "other moms". I know having a brood of my own has made me more aware of other parents and their interactions with their own children.

We all flip out. We can pretend that we don't, but I am pretty confident you are lying. Sometimes it is too much and the nonstop screaming can break a mommy in mere seconds. But I also know (from experience) that after it happens, I often end up hating myself more than anything...I mean they are kids for goodness sake.

So, I make a great effort to always "keep my cool" under pressure. Amongst the fighting and unrelenting hysterics; I constantly strive to stay calm and speak to my boys in a way I want them to speak to others.

When I overhear parents speak down to their children or be flat out rude, my heart breaks. Newsflash, they are kids. They are supposed to be crazy, not listen and make constant mistakes. It is how they learn. Granted, we may be overtired, under-appreciated and often running on fumes, but that surely isn't our kids fault.

Everything we say and how we say it sticks in those sweet innocent minds and shapes who they become.

I strive to always speak politely as I in turn expect them to speak politely to others. I choose language that teaches them while also making them feel empowered, intelligent, kind, responsible and most of all loved. I want my children to truly feel the weight of my words and know that behind every redirection, questioned behavior and disciplinary action that their mommy loves them, knows they can do better and believes in them. Always.

Take a minute to reflect on how you speak to your little people - remember what you say matters. Notice how they speak to you and to others. How you shape their world is how they will see their world. So let's all strive to make their worlds kinder, brighter and full of more love than they can handle.

Strive to thrive, 

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