Tuesday, December 20, 2016

7 Quick Gifts for a TW This Christmas

The countdown is ON! Let the last minute shopping madness commence. Now, if you are me, of course all your shopping is done, your presents are wrapped and all that is left to do is bake cookies, drink cocoa and watch movies with your little ones. 

However, some (well, maybe even most of you) are not as crazy as me and enjoy the rush of running around last minute. Well, if you are still scrambling, here to help you is (ahem), me. These are my 7 top picks for quick and easy gifts (ranging in price), that I love this Christmas. Most can be booked now or will ship overnight....just in time to fly right under that tree!

1. Lipstick Queen - Frog Prince - $25

I was given this as a gift and instantly fell in love. It feels so smooth and moisturizing like a chapstick yet leaves the stain of a long-last lipstick. It reacts to your personal pH level meaning you will have a lip color all your own. For $25, I'd say thats a steal.

I LOVE these earrings and would buy 30 if I could. Mix n' matching is my favorite thing right now, and these dainty gold bars are a winner in my book. PLUS, if you order them from Nordstrom you can bring them in any time your gold dipping starts to get less than perfect. So, for under $35, these are the ear-gift that keeps on giving!

3. Nike Tanjun - $65

I am a sucker for "bee-boppin" Nikes. I love these plain grey kicks and wear them with pretty much everything. I even have a few different colors....that is how much I love them. Light, comfortable, cute and perfect for chasing kids in!

Love, love, love. Tocca is my go-to frangrance...Florence to be exact. But this little sampler smeller is amazing! I got it a couple years ago and my obsession is still strong. I can stash these sweet sprays everywhere and always smell like a dream.

5. Lash Extensions - $100(+) first time, $40(+) Fill

While this is a commitment, I assure you it is one worth doing. After getting them done last year and not being able to dedicate myself to getting them filled, I am back at it and couldn't not be happier. As a busy mommy trying to find an hour every few weeks to get them filled can be difficult. But with the right scheduling and attitude ("I deserve this", is the one I adopt) you can make it happen!  I honestly feel this is one high maintenance treatment every mommy needs to be low maintenance. I always feel like a million bucks with my lashes on...even with no makeup and sweats...and with three boys under three, it is of the utmost importance that I still feel good!

6. Fitbit Blaze - $200

The Blaze. To me, this is the fitness tracker to have. Sure, you can get an Apple Watch, for a bit more, but I am loyal to my Fitbit and have been very pleased with its performance. PLUS...who doesn't love getting tons of bands to compliment your every mood. My usual...? Gold baby, Gooooollllddd. This is a wonderful gift for anyone who is ready to take 2017 on by STORM!

7. The Ever Popular...DIY Mommy Coupon - FREE

Now, some people aren't coupon fans. Me? Huge fan. Why? Becuase I use it, that's why. You give me one, you can be sure I am going to cash it in. When my TH gave me some "Guilt Free" coupons last year, I nearly died. He was a genius!!  I mean, that is basically my dream gift. The ability to do what I want (alone or with friends) and have him watch the kids without guilt?! YES! *Please note, that guilt is something I impose on myself, he never makes me feel bad for wanting time away*. But, for some reason, seeing it in writing puts my mind at ease and I can leave the kids with him knowing he can't be annoyed with me (which he isn't, I make it up in my head)...but still. Anyone can whip these up and #BOOM, best gift ever. If of course you use it. Let it sit, collect dust and expire...huge waste. I treasure these above all else.

WHEW! With just a few days left before Santa makes his rounds, I hope my top 7 inspire you to get shopping!

What are some of your favorite gifts to give this season?

Strive to thrive, 

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