Thursday, December 22, 2016

Memories & Creating New Christmas Traditions

I have always considered Christmas to be pure magic. I am obsessed with Santa, love twinkling lights and can't get enough hot cocoa. But most of all, I love the traditions that I grew up with.

I looked so forward to putting on my cozy jammies on Christmas Eve and spending time with family...while also sneaking off to take inventory of the presents. I got myself sick with the anticipation of morning and could never fall asleep...even more so when my Poppa would saunter down the hall making sure I heard the "bells of Santa's sleigh". He also enjoyed whispering through my door that the big man could keep on movin' past the house, since I wasn't yet asleep...apparently Poppa had Santa's walkie talkie number since cell phones weren't yet the norm.

When sleep came it seemed like seconds passed when my eyes would fly open once again. I would shoot out of bed Christmas morning and race to the door yelling for my Poppa to come get me. I wasn't allowed to "peek" in the living room until everyone was up and ready. This meant he had to escort me from the bedroom to the kitchen all the while shielding my eyes and saying, "Keep 'em closed, no peeking...ahhhh ah ah, I said no peeking". I of course was a ball of joy giggling and begging him to let me take one little look.

While being escorted, I could feel the warmth of the fire and catch the glint of Christmas lights as I shuffled my way behind the closed door into the kitchen. There, I would drink hot chocolate, eat a bit of coffeecake and pace the room waiting until my family assembled. was time. 

Me and my Poppa
The door flew open and Poppa and I would race for the tree as the squeals and cries of joys erupted over Bing Crosby's smooth voice. I would take inventory of Santa's appetite and see what damage he had done to the cookies and milk. I also liked to make sure all the carrots were gone as the reindeer needed sustenance too! 

Next, we would each take our "positions". Me, in one corner of the couch, near the fire, with my cozy blanket. Geena, next to me on the couch. Mommy in the chair across the room under the window. Bitta, far corner of the big couch. Lyny other corner of the big couch. And lastly, Poppa. Folding chair, in between both couches, garbage bag draped over his legs to catch the incoming wrapping paper balls that would be hurled at him all morning. Stockings were handed out and the digging/non stop candy eating began!

Once we had all explored our stockings, I would start sorting the gifts and the admire as the piles in front of each of us continued to grow. Santa left gifts for all, and that man never did disappoint. As we took turns opening gifts, ooohhhing and ahhhing I was always so overjoyed with happiness. We laughed all morning and I loved every. single. second.

December "kick off" package from Grandma Gail!
As our boys are getting older, they are starting to enjoy the traditions we are creating with them. They loved getting all the Christmas decorations out and helping Daddy get the outside of the house ready for Mommy's inspection. They diligently handed me all the decor I requested to make sure the inside of our home was perfect. Granted, they got a tad side tracked when decorating the tree (too many truck and train ornaments from Daddy's childhood) it was still so special to share our new traditions with them.
Clarkey-Puss says, "cheeessseee"
The Peanut says, "cheeeeseee"
Baby Mac...sleeps on his Mommy...
We have loved being able to watch as they participated in our "Elf on a Shelf" daily hunts. Pasquale (our elf) went to some pretty tricky spots, but they never gave up! Of course, his favorite thing to do was sip from Mommy's coffee...or wine..after a tough night meeting with Santa. 

This year we were able to have breakfast with Santa AND take a wonderful tour of local Christmas lights atop a double decker bus. So fun! 

Now...the big event is the last thing ahead of us. Christmas jammies the night before, hot chocolate and a movie cuddled in our holiday blankets. This will be the last year we get the boys out of bed (they are on the verge of being out of their cribs) and let them loose. I can't wait to storm into their room when they are up, get them pumped up  and watch the magic happen.

The screams. The high pitched, I am going to throw up I am so excited, screams. I have had quite a many meetings with Santa, and I know the boys are going to lose it when they see what he has brought, not to mention how much his grandparents spoil them!

With each year that comes, my TH and I get even more excited to create new memories with our little family and share our love of Christmas with our boys. It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

What are your favorite Christmas memories you want to share with  your children?

Strive to thrive, 

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