Thursday, September 8, 2016

BLAZE - Fitness & Fashion Collide

I adore Fitbit. I loved their products long before I actually had one and fell only deeper in love after I purchased my first Charge. Then I upgraded to the Surge. Only to finally found utter obsession in my Fitbit Blaze.

While my Surge had it all for monitoring my fitness goals when it came to running, cycling and other cardio wasn't all that at all.  I wore it religiously and just accepted that it was not the accessory I would have chosen for every look. I can even recall wearing to a wedding and having a friend balk at my decision to have my fashionable ensemble take a turn for the worst at the wrist. I was committed.

When my non-bio sister enlightened me on the newest Blaze over mani/pedis one day, I nearly died. Let me get this did pretty much everything a Surge did, but didn't LOOK like a Surge? Wait, wait...and it was CHEAPER?! Awwwwww yyyyeeaaahhhhh.

I did some research of my own to try and make sense of my new found knowledge. I found a great article at that explained the main similarities and differences.  Much to my delight, aside from the Blaze lacking a GPS feature when running there wasn't too much to be missed. I was comfortable with a slight tracking variance when exercising as I have come to accept that nothing is perfect.  As long as I have a close estimate of exercise, calories and steps, I one happy mommy! I have done a few tests of my own and have never been disappointed with any of my Fitbit products.

Just to make sure I fully understood the what it would mean to trade down my Surge (I was still slightly worried there was something magical I would lose out on), I contacted Fitbit customer service. After a short online chat sesh with a representative I felt very comfortable with my in time!

So long Surge, Hello Blaze. Finally, all my fitness and fashion needs could be met in one place!

The friends who Blaze together stay together...LOVE my new band to match my new van...thanks E!
The Blaze comes with what I refer to as my "workout band" in the usual blue black or plum. Fitbit offers a sassy line of accessories but I found them to be a bit on the pricier side. As always, Amazon did not leave me high and dry.  There are almost too many bands to choose from and I LOVE IT!!!

I was able to order a rose gold band that completed my non-working out look. Now I could finally get back to my arm candy obsession and load on my jewelry!

With so many bands to choose from you really can dress your wrist to match your every mood.  If you are ready to have fitness meet fashion and invest $200 in the Blaze, I assure you, you will NOT be disappointed!

Strive to thrive, 

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