Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Finally Fitbit

I had had my eye on a fitbit for years now. No joke, literally years. I remember long ago when my girl Lex told me alllll about her "fancy fitbit" and I was "sups jeal" (yes, that is abbreves for super jealous). But, despite my new found obsession, time passed and I never went out and just bought one. Since having my two baby boys and having less time to hit the gym, I am trying to fit in fitness wherever and whenever I can. I decided that it was time to pull the trigger...especially because my beloved Costco was now carrying the fitbit Charge.

I had long been wondering just how much I was doing each day. I was so curious to know how many steps I was taking, how many calories I was burning and what my body was doing just from being me. I kept track of my eating habits (calories in and out) as well as exercise with My Fitness Pal, but I hadn't found anything else that gave me tons of information on my movements. fitbit.

This gorgeous piece of technology lives on my wrist and with the press of a button tells me the time, my current number of steps (I shoot for at least 12,000 a day), the distance I've traveled in miles, calories burned and flights of stairs climbed...and that is just what it does on my wrist!

By simply turning on the my phone's bluethooth, my fitbt synchs up and dashboard. My dashboard allows me to set personal goals for each category and have those goals monitored throughout my day. Steps, miles, calories, floors, active minutes, exercise, weight check ins, sleep monitoring with even an option to track calories and water intake!! I mean this thing might as well start cooking my dinner and pour me a glass of wine while it's at it!

With so many other products out there (Nike FeulBand and Jawbone to name a few), you get the luxury of picking and choosing what device you want to meet your needs. For me, it is all fitbit, all day. To date it boasts being the lightest, thinnest tracker on the market with the longest battery life (no joke, I barely ever charge that thing and it is on me 24/7). The fitbit family ranges from: Zip, One, Flex, Charge, ChargeHR and Surge. Anyone in the fitbit family can synch together and challenge each other throughout the day. I know I love a friendly competition, so when my girls mentioned they created a little challenge featuring a $5 buy in each week I was intrigued. Whoever wins for that week earns the pot o' cash! I know...I gotta get in on that, because I can assure you, I will walk all night if I have to!

So far I am loving my Charge more and more each day and look forward to one day upgrading to the Surge.  But for now, I am going to set my goals high and do my darndest to meet them each day! Do you use a tracker? What one is your favorite?

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