Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Family Fun on the Farm

As the seasons (finally start to) change, I am always excited for what our next adventure will be. Obviously, Fall is an easy one...Pumpkins Patches!

Granted, living in the country is not for everyone. But for this mommy, it is absolutely amazing. Especially when there are local farms everywhere just begging to be explored by me and my little men. One of our favorite adventures was visiting Kenny's Strawberry Farm where we were able to walk the grounds picking the sweetest, freshest strawberries to take home and enjoy.

We arrived right when the opened (my suggestion if you have little ones, get there early before it gets too crowded...and hot) and were the first to enter this field of juicy dreams.

We grabbed baskets...and of course, each of my children needed their own wagon...

We headed into the rows of strawberries and started picking...of course following all of Kenny's rules! The boys did a great job of making sure to get the best ruby red berries they could reach.

It seemed like we picked for only ten minutes before our baskets were full and the boys were covered in dirt...as boys should be!

We loaded the boys in the wagon (thankfully they were ready for a ride), and decided to see what else this little farm had to offer.

 We passed the inviting picnic area and headed to see the watermelons and tomatoes!

Paying for what you picked at Kenny's might have been my favorite part as you step into the most Thriving of little cottages to purchase your goods. Of course we had to get some jam and T-shirts to take home too!

With our new gear, pounds and pounds of berries and some jams to try we were ready to leave the farm and get home to the pool! In only an hour and a half we had picked, played and paid at Kenny's. Which I assure you was the perfect amount of time for two toddlers. But before leaving, of course we had to check out the big tractors...

Looking forward to Kenny's opening up again for pumpkin season as well as checking out the many other farms in our area. I love getting the boys out, exploring our country surroundings and buying local!

Are you a farm lover too? What is your favorite season for some family fun on the farm?

Strive to thrive, 

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