Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Halloween Decorating Made Easy

October is here and despite the weather choosing not to recognize Fall this year, we are moving forward with our usual decorating fun! Since my indoors stays Fall-abuous from September to November, it is only the outside that gets to live in spooked up glory for the month. 

This was our first year decorating for Halloween in our new home (the year before we decided to take a pass as the boys were too little) and I knew my little helpers were going to LOVE assisting their mommy.

We firs took inventory of what we had stored away and what new items we would need to get. 

The boys were thrilled to meet their collection of "gho"  = ghosts that mommy had made a few years back with her girl C. They were still in great condition and ready to haunt our trees and front gate.

While our spiders had some cobweb residue on them from being trapped in their webs for so long, the boys took to cleaning them up and restoring their scary sparkle.

The big ghost that used to hang from our front door was now on our center post, sharing its "BOO" with anyone who came to visit.

So far, we were in good shape. All we needed was new cobwebs and perhaps a little lawn decor. Before we headed to Michael's with our coupons (knowing full well all the Halloween stuff would be on sale as Christmas needed to take over) we hung our ghosts.

The boys and I had those ghosts up in record time and aside from the rose bush that attacked us we were feeling great! Into the van we loaded to pick up the rest of our supplies.

With four fresh bags of web, two lawn ghosts, witch for our front planter and a few pumpkins, we three were super excited to put the finishing touches on the yard. When we were met with two huge, cardboard cut out spiders that were already spray painted we all squealed with delight! Daddy knew how much we wanted our front gate to have big spiders on it and took care of it all for us while we were out...he is the best!

The boys loved ppppuuulllliiinnngggggg the webs and stretching them to all the places mommy pointed. I helped them secure it so it wouldn't blow away and they couldn't wait to get their hands on the spiders to start placing them all around.

I helped them place some spiders high up near the lights and they took care of the rest. I took our tiny pumpkins, wrote B-O-O with a black sharpie and placed them neatly on the columns on each side of our porch.

In one of the planters near our door I stuck our new witch welcoming all our guests...since they are all pretty...duh.

The boys chose spots for the lawn ghosts right in front and we loved to see even their ghoulish shadows smiling on our driveway!

The last part of our haunted decorating involved our front gate. My Thriving Husband wrapped orange lights on the top of the gate while the boys and I got back to streeeeetttcchhhiiinnnggg more cobwebs all over. Once the webs were hung, we took Daddy's creations and secured them among the sticky web. I gave each spider a "Halloween collar" with ribbon, to make sure they stayed secure even in the wind and since they were our new seasonal pets.

We stood back, ooooeed and aahhhhed. It was perfect! We had such a great time decorating and while we are sad we won't get to share it with any trick-or-treaters (no one comes out to the country for candy) seeing the boys light up each time they go outside or take a look out the window brings endless amounts of joy to my heart. I mean, that is Halloween decorating made easy if I have ever seen it. Reusing most items and only needing to buy webs each year for $1.50 a bag?! DONE!

If the boys liked this, just wait until they see what we have planned for this Christmas!

What are your favorite ways to decorate for Halloween? Do you go all out indoors and out or just choose one?

Strive to thrive, 

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