Friday, October 18, 2013

DIY: Halloween Ghosts

If you don't already know I love Autumn and all things pumpkin spice, let me bring you up to speed.  These things are all true, very, very true.  Since I now have my very own home, I couldn't wait to decorate for Halloween since I know for a fact I will have lots of trick-or-treaters (there are tons of kids in my 'hood).  With that said, I needed to get serious and fast.  Since that GD roof project took the first half of October, I only had a few short weeks to get "spooky" and really enjoy it.  Halloween decorations only happen outside as it only requires decor for one month. Fall on the other hand is from September to November, so it gets full reign of the house...or so is my reasoning for not getting "ghoulish" inside.

I was really excited to be able to make my very own DIY ghosts that my Thriving Mommy and I had made when I was little.  I loved how little work they required yet how perfect they looked hanging from the awnings in the front.  I grabbed my materials, called my girl C. to come help (not knowing she was a SERIOUS one does cobwebs like her!) and we got to work!

We poured a little sifter of homemade apple pie moonshine (it seemed appropriate), grabbed some Halloween colored ribbon, an old white sheet (well in this case it was a bed skirt), my recently purchased Styrofoam balls, scissors and got to work.

I showed C. how to measure it out and just start cutting; we wanted lots of squares.  We folded the sheet, cut it.  Folded it again, cut on and so on until we had about 12 small squares. We then laid out the freshly cut out squares and placed a ball in the center.

Once placed in the center, gather the rest of the material around the ball and know so the ball appears to be the ghosts head.

Once you have your little head and ghosts body, grab your perfectly holiday-ish ribbon and wrap around the "neck" twice. Then leave enough slack to tie a knot at the top so the ghost hangs from your roof overhang.

Grab a black sharpie and add a super lame face (if you are me) or a super spooky/artsy face (if you are C.)

Clearly I made this one by its lame-O face....

Then take them out front and hang them all across your front yard in great ghost glory!

Obvi, C. made this...

In about 5 minutes flat you made some very easy, recycled (old sheet) ghosts for your Halloween decor!  Not only did I love this throw back to my childhood, but I just can't get enough of these little ghosts that I can now add to my Halloween storage bin for next year...yay!!!! Thanks TM for another great idea and thank you C. for all your hard work!

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