Thursday, September 15, 2016

Baby Mac - 36 Weeks and Counting!

It is hard to believe that I am already 36 weeks along in my second pregnancy. The fact that we will be welcoming our third little boy in less than a month never ceases to blow my mommy mind.

This pregnancy has been totally different from my first...and for good reason...I am not having twins! While this pregnancy is not nearly as filled with rest and relaxation, it has still been pretty amazing. Granted I wish that I had known that NO MOTHER should potty train or embark on any other major milestone while pregnant (these activities REQUIRE large amounts of WINE), I have made the best of every second, especially those which involve spending as much quality time as possible with my little dudes. is the latest info as we head towards the finish line..
  • Estimated Due Date: October 12th. While I had said before I wanted to keep him in there a bit longer, I have changed my tune. The week of October 3rd sounds great!
  • Symptoms: Last time around I could barely walk due to my feet being in such pain from carrying around 75 extra pounds. Thankfully, I am not experiencing that nightmare, but I have been dealing with some leg pain. The lactic acid is pretty intense and I have to stretch quite frequently as well as take Epsom salt baths to keep the aching under control.  I have also started to experience some pretty painful reflux, but with my trusty Organic Apple Cider Vinegar on hand it doesn't stand a chance! But hey, if that is as bad as it is going to get, then I am stoked!
  • Weigh In: Along with the cute 10-15 pounds I gain from IVF I have packed on additional 20 pounds. Looking forward to that falling riiiggghhhhttt off after birth!
  • Fitness Program: Throughout this last trimester I have slowed down a bit with my actual "fitness regiment" and just continued to stay active...which is to be expected with two toddlers. I hit my target of 12,000 steps a day and feel pretty good about it. I have been trying to add more stretching into my routine (to help with the legs) but other than that, I am just waiting until I pop this guy out and can get crazy with cardio again!
  • Birth Plan: I have taken all the classes possible to prepare for my unmedicated VBAC and as I mentioned to my beloved doula Nic, I am ready to stop thinking so much about it and just SEE it happening the way I want it to. My birth plan has been printed, placenta preparation paperwork turned in and I am all ready to go at the hospital in San Diego.
  • Preparation: With the boys moved into their "big brother room" for over a month now, their old nursery has been "refreshed" and prepped for another little man to join the family. Since I LOVED their Little Golden Book nursery so much I just couldn't bare not to do it again. We are waiting to figure out the crib situation depending on what is going on with the boys moving into toddler beds and it won't matter for the first few months anyway as Mac will be sleeping with his mommy! My hospital bag is packed, pumping supplies organized, car seat installed and we are as ready as ready can be!
While Baby Mac continues to get bigger inside my belly, I am using him as an excuse to snuggle with my boys as much as humanly possible. I swear, sometime I consider crawling into their cribs while they are sleeping just to take in a few more hours of them. 

I try not to focus too much on how their little worlds will change or how their routine will be affected when mommy is tied to another baby, because it just makes me sick with anxiety. I know it will all be fine and we will fall into a new rhythm of three in no time.

So here we go.....the final countdown!
Strive to thrive, 

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