Friday, August 15, 2014

A Little Golden Fire Truck Nursery

Having a bestie who is incredibly talented, serves as your personal creative director and who is a full time crafter/designer at my favorite store, Anthropologie really has its perks.  Anytime I need some interior design support my girl Shell never hesitates to come to my rescue.  I simply don't have the talent to make what I have in my head come to life, but that doesn't mean I can't call in my pro to help me out.  I can explain to Shell what my vision is and within seconds she has whipped out something that has taken my simple thought and made it magical.  So, when it came time to finish my nursery decorating, I knew I needed her to make all my dreams come true.

It had long been decided that the nursery would be themed after vintage Little Golden Books with pops of fire trucks to honor the boys' Fire Fighting Daddy.  Since Shell had already whipped out some amazing crafts for my Little Golden Baby Shower, we were off to a great start.

The changing table "storage area".
Before Shell made her trip down to So Cal, I made sure I had the room as ready as could be.  I ordered baskets  with washable inserts and chalkboard labels for the changing table and closet to store all the "baby stuff" that I had accumulated.  Under my changing table, I had my cloth diaper set up (covers and inserts), the twins' cozies and the clothes they would be wearing when we brought them home from the hospital (0-3 months).


I also put the finishing touches on the closet area, that had basically become a room extension.  On the top shelf of the closet went the big boy books that wouldn't be read for a few years, as well as all the vintage "fire" collectables I had gathered or that my TH had owned since he was little.

The second shelf housed all the clothes that the boys would be wearing the first year of their life (or at least all the clothes we had so far, I was sure we would be getting more...).  I purchased white bins at the dreaded Ikea and used the labels to note each progression in size (0-3, 3-6, 6-9. 9-12 and 12+ to start).  Since there was no dresser in the nursery, I used these as my clothes storage system.

I had been given a personalized vintage window as a shower gift (thanks cousin J!) and showcased it right next to the wardrobe I loved so much.  Sadly, one of the wardrobe doors had bled through with old paint (1960's furniture for ya) so I had asked my TH to remove it since I knew I could showcase the shelves with more of my favorite...neat and tidy storage baskets!.


I had the toy chest tucked neatly in the "extended closet space" and loved the way the room seemed to grow simply by allowing this space to open right up.  Next to the door, I proudly displayed a handmade, life size ruler that my girl H. had made for the boys.  It was beautiful and was made with lots of love; I couldn't wait to measure my little boys as they grew big and tall!

With my reclining/feeding/reading/snuggling station already set up, all that was really left for Shell and I to do was make the walls come alive with Little Golden pops of color and vintage-ness.  I knew I wanted a "book wall" to showcase my favorite vintage Golden books.  I also knew I wanted them hung with clothespins and ribbon...but that was all I had.  Insert the genius Shell...the book wall came quickly came to life right above my cozy reading nook.

After going back and forth about the angles, how far to extend the baker's twine, how many books to put on each row, the wall was perfect!  But just for good measure, Shell knocked out a banner made of a a destroyed Little Golden Book and added it across the top of the wall.  I literally blinked and she had cut, punched and hung something that would have taken me hours to create!

With the cribs and changing table having been set up for ages, all we had to do was finish the main wall and we were done!!  We decided to "swag" the garland she had made from my Golden Shower to get things started.  We had already planned to use a chalkboard to showcase above the changing table, so Shell quickly swagged, measured and stepped back.  I of course just sat down in the recliner offering my opinions (too much swag on the left, not centered, can you move that all the way to the end of the wall?).  She rolled her eyes and we debated most everything, which always ends in both of us laughing so hard we can't always makes decorating parties such fun!

Garland swags
Vintage chalkboard found at a flea market...
All that was left to do was add a pop of color with a pom garland above each crib.  We had decided against mobiles, and just wanted to a little something simple.  So, Shell got out her pom maker, yarn and got to work. 

Order your pom garland today at her Etsy shop, they are great for any room or occasion!!!

As she hung her gorgeous pom creation, I folded fire fighter blankets and personalized burp rags (LOVE those, MIL, thank you!) to place at the end of each crib. 

Soon, it was time to play our favorite game, "First thing you think when you see....".  We used to play it in college with our going out outfits, but now we were doing it for nurseries; wow how life changes!  We closed the door, went into the hall, released some giggles, opened the door and entered...."OMG, so freaking cute", "Ah-mazing".  She had worked her magic yet again.  The room was BE-YOND!

As usual, I want to thank my beautiful, wonderful, talented, amazing, spectacular Shell for all she did to help me.  We made plans to do this nursery from the start and only hoped I wouldn't pop before we finished, but alas, I did.  The nursery is absolutely everything I could have ever wanted and so much more.  Thank you for coming down to visit, snuggle, decorate and be the greatest friend a girl could ask for.  LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

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