Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How to Rock a Mom-i-form

When I became a mom I needed outfits that I could move, feed and most of all, be comfortable in. I sadly had to ditch the high-waisted skirts and tight tank for baggy boyfriends and a cotton T. But hey, that doesn't mean I let my fashion sense go to crap. I just transformed my everyday/baby chasing/errand wear into my Mom-i-form.

I have always loved a soft cotton tee. And while I often shied away from the "statement tops" screaming a message for the world, that changed when I fell in love with the millions of cute mom shirts on the market. I have built quite the collection and love being able to throw on a cute, cozy tee and still making it look good!

1. Slyfox Threads has no limit to their amazing mom-statement tees. From the deepest, most breastfeeding friendly, Mom Life V to my personal mantra, Mother of Boys, their shirts are everything this mommy on-the-go could want. Even better, if you follow them on Instagram you are sure to catch their amazing sale deals!

2. When this Crunchy Mom tee came to my attention I had to have it. It literally boasted everything I hold dear as a mommy, I mean, what. were. the. odds. I adore my Fresh Apparel Tee and have a hard time taking it off as it is the softest, most amazing shirt I have ever owned. 

3. Thanks to Riley + Co, one word says it all, Madre. This grey beauty has a wonderful scoop neck, soft feel and throws in some latin flare...Ole!

4. Slyfox doing it again!! 

5. As a mermaid myself, there was no question that this Mer-Mama tank had to be mine. The racer back is deep enough to show a lacy bralette, has a fun shimmer to its graphics while adding a pop of color to my "mom-drobe" (mom + wardrobe).  Even better? This lovely little Esty shop even has Mer-BABE shirts...AAHHHH!

Now that you have your favorite mom-tops, what to wear on bottom? Keep in mind you are most likely going to be chasing kids, cleaning up a mess, picking up something that dropped, feeding a kid or two, wiping a tushy or working hard to keep off a melt down. With that said.....

1. Most days, I go straight to my trusty boyfriend jeans. I purchased them years ago from Old Navy and will never get rid of them. Loose in all the right places, these distressed faves are perfect with a brown belt and a slouch-tucked tee. Now, that is perfection.

2. Too hot for jeans? Throw on some cut offs, a tank and hit it! I personally adore a high waisted short with a tucked in tee and when I am not pregnant, that is what you can find me rocking in the warmer weather. Thankfully, Old Navy (and my favorite thrift stores) keep me in steady supply for great prices. 

3. The dark skinny is a great choice if you are rocking a baggier tee (which I often do as I have to buy larger sizes to accommodate my abnormally long torso). You can find these anywhere and for any price. I prefer the ankle cut as opposed to the longer variety, but go with what you makes you feel the best.

4. Shoes! When I became pregnant with the twins I accepted that my heel/wedge days may be limited to date nights. Now I am in flats 99.9% of the time as I am constantly moving, chasing, and playing with two very active boys. My favorite, classy, go with everything shoes are my Tory Burch Miller's  . You can dress them up or down and they are sure to make you feel good once you slip them on. I love them so much I have multiple pairs. While they are a bit pricey, they are well worth the investment!

5. I love a good Chuck Taylor and feel I have had at least one pair since the 90's. They never seem to go out of style, are great with shorts, pants, skirts, dresses (and pregnant feet) and brighten up any look. I love my white pair of Chuck's  and wear them all the time!

6. The must have mommy shoe of today. The Birkenstock. So comfortable, so good for your body and are back in a major way! My feet were tortured after my first pregnancy and my Birks saved my life. Thank goodness my Thriving Mommy had been rocking them for aaaggeeess and was kind enough to gift me with a pair to keep me having pain free feet!

Once you tailor your mom-i-form to meet all your style needs, just throw on some accessories and you are ready to hit Target, Trader Joe's, Vons, Carters, Costco, Home Goods and every flea market/garage sale in your path! I always rock my dainty gold bar necklaces with my boy's names as well as my Stella & Dot necklace with their birthdays. Throw on my watch and bracelets with a dash of Mama & Little  teething jewelry and I am a mommy ready to take on the day in style!

What does your mom-i-form consist of? Has it changed as your kids have gotten older? I know I look forward to pulling out my non-mom friendly clothes again one day....I hope...

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