Thursday, April 14, 2016

5 Ways to Prepare for a Great Week

Weekends are meant for relaxing. The work week is behind you, and you finally have those couple days to just be. Weeellll....kind of. Don't get me wrong, you should absolutely enjoy it. Sleep in, go out, lounge...but don't forget another week will be in front of you in the blink of an eye.

If you dedicated some weekend time to a few "home-tasks", at the end of each work day you can come home and feel that same relaxation you enjoy all weekend. Minimal chores to do, no nagging tasks to be done, just down time. Try to schedule these "to-dos" at some point of days off to ensure the week ahead will be a smooth one.

Roses from my Costco run and lavender from the garden is always a win for me!
1. Clean house. When I was working full time, I used to love cleaning the house on Thursday so Friday after work I pop a bottle of red and just relax. I would do a little tidying on Sunday to keep the week ahead looking good, and it always paid off. Double dip tip?! Make some sort of cleaning routine your workout for Saturday or Sunday. Set aside a couple hours (if you even need that much), throw on some clothes you can sweat in, turn up the music and get working. Not only will you enjoy your sparkling home all week, but you will get in a great weekend workout too! Add some fresh flowers here and there and BOOM!

Towels and boy clothes all. day. long
2. Do laundry. I hate laundry, but having two kids means I am doing at least one load a day. If you are lucky enough to not have this insane laundry problem, then let it pile up all week and get those loads done before Monday hits. Do it at the same time you clean, or when you know you are going to be home for a bit. Throw in a load, do something, swap it for another and so on. Fold it, put it away and smile at that empty hamper.

Crisp sheets and pillow cases...YES!
3. Change your sheets. Ahhhhhh, fresh sheets. Nothing is better, nothing. Try to include a sheet change in your cleaning/laundry routine so you can snuggle up in a clean bed and wake up refreshed each Monday morning.

Delicious, ripe and locally grown fruit...I think so!
4. Stock up. Making sure that the house is stocked with food is a must for the week ahead. Knowing what you have on hand for breakfast, lunch and dinners is an immediate stress reliever. I love a full fridge and pantry before another week commences. Whether it is the grocery store or weekend tip to the farmers market, buy it, prep it and enjoy!

Sunday sunset pedicure anyone...why not?! California Summer Pink is back!
5. Get pretty. Nothing spells out a good week more then making sure you are looking/feeling good. Deep condition your hair, shave those legs (uugghh, I know), exfoliate/hydrate the skin, do your nails (or get them done if you have that luxury at your disposal), touch up your lashes...anything to start the week off with a, "DANG, I look good!"

Do you have any tips to make sure your week ahead is stress free from the home front?

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