Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thriving Thoughts this Thursday - Purpose

I love nothing more than being inspired. Seeing/hearing/experiencing something that gives me chills and makes me feel well, something. Thankfully, I never have to look far as our beautiful and spiritual friend Britt, over at High Vibe Livin gives out doses of inspiration on the reg.

She recently shared her thoughts on purpose and called other's to do the same. It got me thinking...what is my purpose? Why am I here? Thankfully, the answer came purpose, is mommy-hood. There has never been anything I have wanted more and known I was meant to do. It is my calling and I love every second..even the bratty, want to rip my hair out and cry on those "my kids are losing their sh*% days".  To Thrive in everything I do, spread positivity, seeing the world through rose (gold) colored glasses and loving life...all the while teaching my little men to do the same.

So my question to you, passed along from the beautiful Britt....

What is your purpose? 
Do you have more than one? 
Are you giving it your heart and soul? 

As you take on the day ahead, let us all Thrive while thinking...What is my purpose?

Thanks Britt for always keeping me up, jumping on your meditation train!

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