Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Em's Expecting....Her THIRD Boy!

I am so excited to announce that we will be adding another beautiful boy to our "wrecking crew" this October. After a quick surgery, single embryo transfer, five days bed rest (not possible without the wonderful help of family taking care of the twins), months of medications I have finally made it through my first trimester!

Won't miss that...
We started this process last fall and I can honestly say I am so happy it is behind me and I can now be a "regular pregnant person". As everyone says, "each pregnancy is different", and they are right. I was sure this one was a girl as it seemed everything was different. But, I guess I should have chalked that up to never being pregnant with only one baby.

  • My belly popped almost instantly as it was stretched to the size of a small mobile home with the twins.
  • I suffered "night sickness" (feeling my worst at night) and an annoying icky feeling all day that left me not wanting to eat but needing to eat to not feel sick...annoying.
  • No rest for the mommy. With my first pregnancy I could relax whenever I wanted...now I have two little beasts racing around my feet all day long and therefore, I swear, my mommy adrenaline keeps the sickness away until they go to bed...then it's on.
  • Sweets! With my first pregnancy, no sweets (my favorite of any kind), this one, sweets were ok from the start (thank G)
  • Death exhaustion. In the evenings I literally have to drag myself through the motions to make it through. 8pm equals 3am to me and I. Am. Done.
  • Boy joy! I always said I wanted boys...you get what you ask for! I will say I am very excited to have to purchase next to nothing as I more baby boy stuff than I know what to do with! Yet still a little sad to not yet have a little girl...one day maybe.

Now that I have been "cleared", I look forward to getting back to regular exercise (beyond walking and weight lifting), preparing my crazy boys to be big brothers and planning my beautiful, natural VBAC!

Stay tuned for updates on my little baby, "tres"!

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  1. so delighted for you, em! congratulations!!!
    and, please hug your mom for me. ;-)


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