Thursday, March 24, 2016

DIY Easter Baskets..for Toddlers

I remember fondly racing to my Easter basket to see what that bunny had done each year.  I couldn't wait to riffle through it before hitting the egg hunting grounds in my pastel outfit. As a mommy, it is my turn to collaborate with the Easter Bunny to ensure my little dudes are just as excited as I was in my youth.

My boys are a "wrecking crew" of sorts. They are rough, tough and at times...destructive. With this in mind, I created their first baskets knowing they may not make it through the day. I also passed on the "easter grass" as that was just a recipe for disaster.  So, the Target dollar section is where I started.

I grabbed two little baskets, some plastic eggs, two bunny ears and some snacks. Then, I made an appointment with the Bunny Man and we whipped up lovely little baskets for my two toddlers.

After each basket had a name, on went a garland of Easter eggs. Instead of the dreaded grass, I grabbed some pastel tissue paper and filled the bottom so their eggs wouldn't get lost.

In went their ears, eggs filled with jelly beans (don't worry, we did a test before to ensure they were ready to eat such a snack and wouldn't choke) and mommy made cracker carrots.

The Easter Bunny made sure I hid them safely away until he could present them on Sunday...I assured him they would be safe and sound.

Now...we wait until the big day. Egg hunts, candy and pastel polos! Oh yeah!! Who wants to bet the boys go straight for the tissue paper....?

How did you prepare your Easter baskets this year?

Strive to thrive, 

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