Friday, August 14, 2015

Clarke & J.R. Turn ONE!

39 weeks of pregnancy, 26 hours of labor, 14 pounds of pure perfection and 2 boys that stole my heart long before I ever held them. On August 13th, 2014 my life was forever changed and filled with more love than I ever could have imagined...I finally became the mommy I had always dreamed I would one day be.

Wow, how time flies. Now, the pounding of little hands and feet echoes throughout the house as my boys chase each other around every corner. Squeals and giggles bounce off the walls while drool streaks take over my lovely new floors. Tag as well as hide n' seek have become regular activities in our home and my Littles can barely contain themselves. It as if they have never played this before...even though we play multiple times a day.

At the hospital ready to POP!
I am so thankful I was able to be home with them for the five months of their lives. I honestly wish I could have been with them for the entire year, but I am grateful and appreciative knowing many mothers don't get near what I did. I successfully breastfed two babies (and even produced so much milk I had to give it away!), cloth diapered and went out and about with them nearly every day. I was incredibly lucky to have the help of my amazing Thriving Mommy as well as a spectacular Thriving Husband and don't know what I would have done without them. Not sure how I would have survived those nights when I was up and down with one baby or the other if I wasn't able to take an hour or two to sleep in the mornings. Thank you team!

Here is an update on my big one year old boys:

Clarke aka Clarkey-puss: This boy loves to move. He is a bit more svelte compared to his little brother and usually paves the way for J.R. He loves to crawl at warp speed, stand and wobble any chance he gets and give big slobbery kisses. When you hold his hands he prefers to kick up his walk to a jog and I can honestly say I am terrified for when he starts to walk on his own. Most nights he sleeps through, no longer needing to nurse but sometimes needing a hug (I am happy to oblige). He enjoys feeding himself and will even spit out the food in his mouth only so he can re-feed it to himself without help. His four teeth allow him to enjoy his favorite foods: broccoli, sharp cheddar and scrambled eggs. He loves to cuddle, point and ask questions with a sweet, "O?" as well as answer with another "O!". Clarkey-puss's legs never stop moving and he loves to swim and splash in his new pool.

J.R. aka The Peanut: This baby is "solid" as people have often told us. He is our fat little man and loves nothing more than to eat. He enjoys banging things together, playing anything as a drum and dancing. He loves to explore and has a knack for going straight for what he absolutely should not go near. He likes to pull himself up and take steps with his tiny fat feet, but prefers to sit and turn in circles while laughing. He sleeps like a rock anywhere from 11-15 hours and his brother's screams do not bother him one bit. He eats everything in sight and has mastered the ability to communicate for more food through the baby sign for, "mas". He only has three teeth but that doesn't stop him from stuffing his mouth as full as possible and scarfing anything you put in front of him. He too loves to snuggle, tell elaborate stories through babble and play with his fire trucks.

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boys. I am beyond in love with you and can't wait to watch you grow into little people!

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