Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Thriving Mommy Must Have - Re-Play Products!

I consider myself a pretty "green" mommy in that I want my boys to have the most environmentally sound products on the market. I tend to buy products from companies I believe in and Re-Think It, Inc. is no exception!

When I stumbled across Re-Play (a division of Re-Think It, Inc) I not only was drawn in by the simplicity of their products, but also the rainbow of bright colors to choose from. When I started to learn more about the brand I was even more excited to see that they focused on 5 tenets of responsibility: sustainability, safety, durability, functionality and affordability....all things we here at Thriving Wives love too!

RE-Play products are made from all recycled and sanitized plastic, milk jugs to be exact!  Each product is specifically selected and cleaned to meet all FDA standards. The durability was made to last far beyond your first little one and is dishwasher safe to make cleaning a breeze. Re-Play's design had independent eating in mind and your little ones will love to practice their skills with these bright colors. But the best part of all? The fact that these gorgeously green products are suuuuper affordable. Knowing I am purchasing an American made product that is safe, cute and eco-friendly brings me nothing but joy!

They even double as musical instruments when mommy is cooking!
I was thrilled when given the opportunity to team up with Re-Play and share my love of their products. I can't wait until my boys get bigger so they can truly appreciate all the great designs. Right now they love to chew on the utensils and rip them out of my hands to feed themselves, drink almond milk from the famous "Spill-Proof" sippy cups and eat their treats on the go from their snack stackers. 

Still not sold? Check out this kid-friendly video on the whole process and I only hope you too will fall in love with Re-Play as I have!

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