Friday, April 10, 2015

Baby Friendly Living Quarters

I am a clutter hater. I can't stand it. It literally makes me really, ask my TH, I will suddenly start to develop Tourettes when faced with clutter. Now, for those Thriving Mommies out there you know how much "stuff" a baby brings: swings, chairs, toys, scooters...I mean the list goes on and on. Nic often reminds me that I had two people move into my house and therefore need to allow them to bring their things. Weeeellllllll, while I agree with that to an extent, I wouldn't let anyone who was moving into my house be unorganized and leave their crap all over the or not!

In my house every item goes in its place.  The remotes live in a drawer, the pillows go in the two corners of the couch, the dishes are in the dishwasher or the cabinet. Remember how I always set the room to start before leaving or going to bed? Well, even with two babies, for me, that still holds true.  When the boys are done playing on the floor and move on to the next activity, away go the toys and up folds the blanket.  Done eating? Wipe down the babies, wipe down their high chairs and clean up their mess. 

Now that my boys are movin', groovin' and scootin' around, the time has come to make my living quarters baby friendly. Plugs needed to be filled, cords needed to be removed (thankfully I had lights installed to get ahead of that one) and babies needed to be able to safely roam free. So, I headed to my favorite local spots and made a few purchases and get prepared. 

First up, the gloriously random furniture warehouse to search for a credenza to store toys, books and all other baby friendly goodies within their reach.  I knew I wanted something with drawers and cabinets so they could open and close their little hearts out all the while having their "stuff" low enough for them to grab.  Lucky for me, I found just what I was looking for for the low price of $40.

I brought it home, put it right in the entry way where the boys could get to it, cleaned it out then filled it up!

Can you tell this thing is loaded with baby stuff?
Once my credenza was stocked and ready, I needed an area carpet to make my hard floors a bit more cozy for play time. Insert Home Goods clearance section...boom!

The room at "start"
With the carpet in place and coffee table moved to the attic to be stored, I had created a safe space for the boys to play. Each day I lay down a large terry blanket (previously used as my favorite beach blanket) and let the boys go nuts interacting with their toys, practicing their crawling, sitting, chatting and bouncing around!
Play time!
When the boys are done with floor time, it is time to pick up the blanket, sing the clean up song while putting away toys and get that room back to "start".  Into my garage sale steal wicker bin the toys go and it is as if no babies were there at all!

My fireplace was just screaming to be crawled in so I was thrilled to have already solved that problem with a flea market old gate! We made sure to baby proof it by attaching it to the brick with TONS of velcro so it won't fall on them if they decide to give it a tug.

Despite my living quarters being transformed to baby friendly, there is little to no "baby clutter". Other than their activity scooters (which I leave parked in the dining room for daily play time), my house remains neat, orderly and just as adult friendly as baby friendly. As the boys continue to grow, I know I will constantly be changing things around and moving furniture to keep them safe. If only I had a playroom.....maybe one day.

What did you do to make your living quarters baby friendly? Anything I should prepare for as my boys get bigger?

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