Friday, January 30, 2015

Home Improvements: Let There Be Light

Oh the joys of being a homeowner. Getting to do whatever you want to your house? Total plus. Having to pay for it? Not so much.  I absolutely love owning a home, but now that I have the freedom to actually do what I want, I always have my next project in mind.  

Since we had already painted before moving in, put on a new roof within the first year and had the unfortunate luck of a slab leak that led to all new floors and pipes within the house, we had already accomplished quite a lot for not being in our home much more than a year.  Now, it was time to start choosing things I wanted to do to the house, not things I had to do. 

Bye bye boob lights!!
First item on my agenda, lighting. Our home had little overhead lighting, and the lights it had were disgusting "boob" lights that I hated with a passion. As night fell, our once brightly lit home became as Nic liked to say, "cavelike".  I had lamps all over the place and they just weren't cutting it. With two babies who are soon to be on the move, I wanted the lamps and their cords GONE!  I called my Magical Aunt B, got a contact for a lighting guy and made the call.  Lucky for me, he came right out the next day for my estimate.

No lighting in my dining room made dinners rather dark....
Not only did I chat it up with some VERY helpful ladies in the office of South County Drywall, but I was lucky enough to have the big boss come out to my house.  He took a look around as I described what I wanted.  "Can lights" (the ones that just sit neatly in the ceiling) in the living and dining room to put an end to cave living. In addition, I needed all those nasty boob lights gone and replaced with the clean looking cans.  I even had them install a ceiling light/fan in my bedroom too! I mean, if they were already coming out, why not get it all done right?!

The living room was soon going to be baby mania when they started to crawl, I needed lights and no cords!
A mere three days later it was game time. A good looking group of electricians came to my home and I explained exactly what was to be done. I spent the day with the babies and my Thriving Mommy at the beach and nearly died when I walked in 8 hours later to a bright and light home. SQUEAL!!!

Let there be light!!! That once dark dining room was illuminated with a warm glow. Too bright for a romantic dinner for two? No problem, I could just dim those babies right down and have a whole new feeling to the room.  I was in heaven.  No cords, no lamps, no nothing but bright, clean light.

I look forward to my next project, but honestly, there are just too many to choose from.  New custom backsplash? Re-tiling the bathroom showers? Or, creating a bigger master closet? I mean the list just never seems to end. But for now, I am going to enjoy my new lights and turn all my nights into bright lit fun!

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