Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Randomly Glorious Furniture Warehouse

It is no surprise that my (magical) Aunt B, knowing my love of garage sales and low priced (yet quality) furniture, had yet another trick up her sleeve.  One Saturday, months ago when I first moved to OC, she took me to a randomly glorious and unexpected church sale.  Each Saturday from 9am-5pm the Vineyard Christian Church in Laguna Niguel opens it's Mercy Warehouse doors and let's people shop till they drop!
Once you get past the nearly expired, discounted food for the less fortunate, you get to home-goodness.  Rows upon rows of just about every random yet glorious thing is tucked away.  From linens to glassware, books to appliances (and my favorite the furniture), they have got it all.  Even better, things are being donated everyday, so each Saturday there are new goods to discover.  I mean, it is the all day garage sale that never stops giving!
So much to see!
50% off?! DONE
I went last weekend with my Thriving Mother and Aunt B and fell in absolute love with a dining room table.  Since I did in fact need a dining room table for my new home, the day had finally arrived...I could start buying stuff again! YYYEESSS!!! After nearly a year of holding back, I could go crazy, since.I now somewhere to put things!

Now imagine those chairs moved to the ends and one side...we are adding a bench on the opposite side, yes!
With so much to see I ran around that place taking ideas away to share with Nic as we are also in the process of getting her home furnished with frugal fab finds.  So, with desks, dressers and dining tables on the brain, I was in heaven (ironically also in a church...)!

I know what you are thinking, this old grandma pattern thing? But aside from the creepiness of a random stuffed chair (whose body has touched those cushions?) I just LOVE it!  These are dying to be on a sun porch! 
My pick...
As I spotted the desks, I really got excited knowing that I am on the hunt for one to add to Nic's Thriving Office.  This clean, large and plain guy was my pick.  Once some knobs were added it was sure to be the perfect space for her...in my opinion.

Nic's pick...minus the weird plastic thing.
However, Nic liked this one much better. She appreciate the fine detail and added character, of course she too wanted to swap out the knobs..duh.

Going back for this guy, that is for sure.
 This entertainment center was begging to be refashioned as a dresser.  So, I am going to make that wish come true next week (please Lord still be there..I feel God talk is appropriate due to the setting).  Once I throw some paper source amazing-ness print on that glass to keep the clothes contained I know I will have storage galore!  Once those doors open up I can store my entire sweats/sweatshirt collection.  Heck, I may even let my TH put some things in there.  With a darker stain and some knobs...PERFECTION!

Looking forward to taking Nic to this hidden treasure in the weeks to come, stay tuned for our fab finds!  Do you ever stumble upon randomly glorious places?  Tell us about it!

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  1. Oh how fun! I did not know about this place and I am in the OC. The new Goodwill Boutique in Tustin has some cool finds - no furniture though.

    1. It was a blast! We are planning on going again this weekend in hopes of outfitting our new homes with some great new wooden treasures. You should totally check it out if you too are in need of some new pieces, it is at the Vineyard Community Church, Mercy Warehouse in Laguna Niguel. Thanks for the tip on the Tustin Goodwill! I'll have to check it out...

      Strive to thrive,


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