Thursday, April 24, 2014

Set the Room to Start

I have a real issue with "clutter".  Not the strategically placed decor which I want to appear as clutter but that stuff that if not dealt with can take over any room.  You know remotes, mail, magazines, jackets...really any and all things.  I strongly believe that everything should have a place and be put away after each use.  I am all about settling in when I get home, but when it is time to leave or go to bed, I always have to set the room to "start". 

What is start you ask?  Well, that is what each room should look like when it is tidy, clean and organized.  Everything is put away, counters and surfaces free of clutter, everything fluffed and ready for a new day.  No shoes by the door, no jackets thrown over the couch, EVERYTHING needs to go to its home and I mean everything.

Let's start where we all begin our days; the bedroom.  The first thing I do each morning is make my bed and to me, it sets the tone of the day.  I want each day to start pulled together and refreshed, so I can feel that way too.

When I make my sleeping nest I have pillows surrounding me, a water cup by my bed and usually some reading materials scattered about.

First things first, the reading materials need to get put away (either in the recycling bin or in my bedside baskets), phone charger tucked away, water cup in the dishwasher and while I'm there...heck, maybe a quick wipe down to get rid of any overnight dust.

Once everything is put away (taking just two minutes), it is time to attack the bed.  All the pillows come off, sheets are pulled tight and re-tucked into the corners.  I make sure the quilt is even on both sides, refold the second quilt (as needed), fluff and replace the pillows.  Lastly, I add the finishing touches of the "show pillows" (you know, the ones on your bed, but don't sleep with) and in just two additional minutes the bedroom is tidy and reset to start. 

While I feel the bedroom is of high importance, the room that really needs the most attention is the living room.  This is where most of the family time is spent and is often the first thing you see when you enter your home.  Thus, it should always be set to start and ready for anything.

If I'm home, this is usually what is going on in the living room.  I have a blanket out for cuddling, pillow scattered here and there, multiple drinks going remotes out and iPad at the ready.  All fine and great for relaxing, but when the time comes to leave that sanctuary, it all has to go away.

First, the TV goes off and cupboard gets shut (it has to be open when watching as that is where the control boxes are.  My assortment of beverages need to be taken to the kitchen, iPad tucked away next to the couch and remotes put in their little box.

Where did those remotes go? Oh that's right, you can always find them right in here.
Blankets need to be folded and put away neatly while the pillows get fluffed and placed in each corner of the couch. 

Once everything is put away and reset it is time for another quick wipe down and in just a few minutes, the room is set and ready to go!

Do you feel everything in your home should have a place?  Do you feel overwhelmed with stuff?  Try setting your rooms to start today!

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