Thursday, November 2, 2017

My 3 Little Pumpkins at the Patch

With Autumn in full swing (it even finally cooled down over the weekend), of course I had to take my three little pumpkins to the patch. Actually, we checked out two. 

One was more activity focused, while the other was a tried and true country patch. We barely made it last year since Dude was so fresh, but this year we made sure to get out and get exploring.

In 90 degree weather, we loaded on the sunscreen, threw on some shades and headed out to arrive right when they opened. I wanted to avoid the crowds as well as get home and back into the AC as quickly as possible. I don't do well in heat unless I am in a bikini and near water. 

When we arrived the boys were in Heaven! Trucks, tractors, trains AND was too much!

It seems as though going to the pumpkin patch is a Fall right of passage and if you aren't taking your kids then you basically are a horrible parent. Well, not this Thriving Wife! We went to the same patch we took the boys to when they were little and WOW was it fun to watch how much different they responded to the experience. Clarke basically jumped off hay stacks the entire time while J.R. indulged me with some photos!

Dude loved to bang on the pumpkins and sit in the dirt while his brother's ran around taking it all in. They checked out the tractors, they rode the train, they said hello to the animals and of course...they played in the dirt.

While the country patch didn't have the inflatables, games or "monster trucks" to drive, it was still my favorite. I loved that it was settled in wine country and had that down home farm feel. I was quite sad we missed apple season this year, so I needed this pumpkin experience to be perfect and it was!

My little pumpkins loved their morning at the patch and I too loved checking out the property. I dare say I may even have an event there one day, it was SO cool!

We made it home, cooled off and enjoyed some pumpkin loaf for a snack...yum!

 Did you make it to the pumpkin patch this season? What is your favorite part of the tradition?

Strive to thrive, 

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