Thursday, October 26, 2017

All About DIY Halloween Costumes

The time has come yet again...Halloween Costume Crafting is upon us!

I have been pretty lucky the past few years with the boys being so little I could "sway"them into being pretty much anything. Especially since I refuse to buy their costumes and am determined to make/put them together each year.

So far they have been...

2014 - Baby Fire Fighters...easy.

2015 - Love Machines...easy.

2016 - Wrecking Crew...easy.

2017 - Now, they actually are rather opinionated on the matter...UGH.

Since our favorite book as of late is Three Little Pigs I thought for sure they would make my Halloween dreams come true and agree to be three cute little pigs. I could be the mommy pig (apron clad of course) and Daddy could be the Big Bad first they were thrilled....the next day not so much.

Then they decided they wanted to be wolves like daddy. Ok, I can roll with this I thought, we can be a wolf pack! Even better, we can be a DIRE wolf pack and honor the Stark Family...oh YES.

Well, they only wanted to be wolves for like a day and I was devastated all over again.

Dude Wolf Inspo
Big Boy Wolf Inspo
Obviously, Halloween is all about what I want and how I want our family costumes to be cute, homemade and original...well, nope, not at all crazy lady, this is not even slightly about you...ugh again.

For the past few weeks it has been puppies. So, alas, after as serious a commitment as two three year olds could make, I am whipping together puppy costumes.

Dude Puppy Inspo
Big Boy Puppy Inspo
Puppy Face Paint Inspo

I am not buying any puppy suit, but rather sweats and a sweatshirt. I am using white felt to make their "bellies", wrapping a headband with pipe cleaner and attaching felt ears and painting their faces. Add a collar, harness and leash and they are ready to be walked by none other than their trusted dog walker...ME!!!

Looking forward to seeing how my three little puppy costumes turn out and hoping that I can incept them next year to be exactly what I want...however I highly doubt that will happen. Boo-hoo.

What Halloween costumes are your favorite? Homemade or store bought? Your kids decide what they want to be each year or do you have some pull?

Strive to thrive, 

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