Wednesday, October 4, 2017

5 Years of Thriving Wives

Wow. FIVE YEARS?! Where on Earth has the time gone. It literally seems like an hour ago Nic was chatting with me about this idea she had. After lots of champagne, giggling brainstorming sessions via phone, email and weekends together  -  Thriving Wives was born. 

And here we are, a mere five years after our very first post and so much as changed. As we OTW juggled careers, creating homes and of course, the most time consuming event of all, mommyhood, TW was always a part of our very busy lives. Between us both we have a boy for each year TW has been live! I mean who would have ever thought.

This past year Nic helped me grow my own blog boss wings as I took over TW so she could put all her energy towards her family and growing her own amazing birth business (if you are pregnant, going to be pregnant, or know someone is pregnant in the Orange County area she is THE best and you should not miss a chance to take her classes/work with her). While it hasn't been the easiest transition,  she is still my go to girl and is always willing to help. She will forever be a huge part of Thriving Wives as it was her and only her who pushed me to share my love of thriving with the world.

And of course, thank you to all of you amazing readers. I go through a lot of ups and downs with TW and find myself sometimes wondering why I even bother.  Then a few moments later, I will get a text, email or message from someone thanking me or telling me how I inspired/motivated them in some way. 

That is why I do it. To make sure we, as women, wives and mommies never forget how powerful we are. To keep us always striving to thrive.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I cannot wait to grow and continue to share the big dreams I have for TW as the future unfolds. Put it out there to get it back...right?!

The "blurb" we shared on our first post,  still rings here it is:

Join us in the kitchen where we’ll Eat, and share our collection of culinary adventures and favorite family feasts.  Next we can Sweat together, sharing rockin’ body blasters and mental cleansing moves.  Each morning let’s Thrive together and share self motivating tips and ways to stay in control.  We welcome you into our homes with Nest, and share our gorgeously green tips and frugal fab finds. Lastly, we want to share our Love, everything in life that makes us smile.

Cheers to the last five years and now on to the next!

Strive to thrive, 

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