Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The ONE Thing I Wish I Would Have Done...

As a first time mommy, figuring things out as you go is the norm. You get advice from friends and family, consult Google at all hours of the night and just try to survive...then you get pregnant again and the cycle starts over.

You assume since you did it once you will be able to do it again, however the most common phrase I heard was, "Well, each pregnancy/child/experience is different"...right, got it.

Of all the things I was dedicated to the first time around (weekly pregnancy photos, monthly baby pictures, detailed nursing notes...the only thing I truly wish I would have done is keep a damn journal on how I managed to get through it all.

With each milestone and stage of development comes a whole new set of mommy challenges. From breastfeeding, to crib transitioning and teething to sleep regressions...what happened last time and what in the high Heavens did I do to thrive through it?

My mommy-nesia runs deep and I can barely recall any specific moments from that blur of double baby bliss...yet it happened and I wish I knew what strategies I tried, what worked and how long all the not so fun times lasted. I would love to read my own reflections on how to approach each phase of those early years...especially to relish on the details of my success.

But alas, with baby #3 I find myself back on the text advice train, Google search-a-thon and questioning myself....did this really happen last time?

Yes mommy, yes it did. You just chose to erase that moment of mayhem from your memory. Ugh (enter sigh of frustration).

So, dear mommies, whether a first, second or last timer...take a moment to jot down what is going on during that amazing hectic time and use it as the answer to your future Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Motherhood Mind...I yearn for that non existent book of mine...like for real...on the regular.

Thrive on Mommies and try not to forget a second of that spectacular madness. Specifically the parts where your babies are sleeping peacefully through the night as you enjoy a hot bath and a good book!

Strive to thrive, 

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