Thursday, July 20, 2017

Navigating Mommy-hood - 40 Weeks In...40 Weeks Out

It's official. Mac has now been in my arms as long as he was in my body...40 weeks!! And BOY has it flown by.

As I enter the last month of #threeunderthree (the boys actually turn 3 in August), I am in utter awe of how my babies are now a pack of men. Two running...and one crawling quickly to try and keep up. Melt. My. Heart.

Here is the latest and greatest about Mac & Mommy:


It is rare to find Mac without a big smile on his face. He is honestly the happiest baby I have ever seen. He only cries when he is saying something, "Mommy, I dropped that", "Mommy, I want that", "Mommy, I'd like a snack" and as soon as I respond to his request he is all smiles again. Love that!

This Dude is literally massive. Like 25 pounds, massive. He is barely squeezing into 2T clothes and I am constantly going into the storage bins to pull out the next size. Wearing/carrying him is an enormous workout in itself and often leaves me more sore than my regular strength sessions.

He is 100% on the move and as soon as I set him down he is GONE. He is either chasing after his brothers, trying to get his hands on the one thing in the room he can't have or following me to try and stay under my feet. Mac recently has been flirting with pulling himself up onto things which terrifies me as I am pretty sure he will be walking soon in an effort to not be left behind.

The Dude and his older brothers continue to form an unbreakable bond that leaves bits of my heart on the walls. The big boys run to tell me immediately if they hear him waking up and ask to go in his room, the ensure he only has "mommy approved" toys when playing together and swoop on any chance to give him a hug and kiss. I. Die!

Now that he is movin' and groovin' I wonder if he is going to start to slim down a bit....? He continues to breastfeed whenever he likes and I am still producing milk like your local dairy cow. And the "real food"? Man, does he eat. Whatever the family is eating, he eats and then some. Mac uses his four teeth to power through pretty much anything I put in front of him. He is going to be a biiiiigggg Dude.

He continues to be a rockstar sleeper, always on his tummy, most nights sleeping 8-10 hours. Some nights he wakes for a quick power snack while he is half asleep. I don't mind those one bit as they give me an extra cuddle session...and I too am half asleep.

As we embark on the last few months of his first year I plan to enjoy my fat baby all the way into toddler-hood...ahhhhhh!!!


Reflecting on the past 40 weeks just leave be baffled that it has already been 40 weeks. It seemed that him being out of my body went a lot faster than when he was inside. But here we are!

Along with regular nursing (best workout ever), I have been doing a lot more strength training through my obsession with Daily Burn. I also started including extra cardio in because, well, I just felt like I needed it.  The most exciting thing to happen to my fitness routine is the fact that I am FINALLY going to start teaching again...YES!!!

I embrace the daily chaos with open arms and love every screaming second of it. I constantly remind myself to smile and enjoy the moments as it will be a blink before they all grow up and want nothing to do with me (insert ugly cry session here). Whether we are out and about or running around at home, we are loving our summer!

The boys start school in a few weeks and then Dude and I will have tons of solo time together...what a different experience a single baby post twins has been...and such fun!

So here we go, the end of three boys under the age of three. Is it time for baby #4?! NOT repeat that to my TH...our secret.

Strive to thrive, 

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