Tuesday, May 16, 2017

6 Reasons to Try Daily Burn

**This is not a sponsored post, even though I do kinda wish I was one of their trainers. Alas, I just wanted to share my latest obsession as I think other busy TWs could benefit.**

I once was a gym rat. I loved being gone for hours at a time, sweating away my stressors only to reemerge into the world a happier person.  Despite my best efforts, I detested working out at home; like, really hated it. I would always struggle to focus on my exercises and tended to find any excuse as to why I needed to stop for a second. Straighten a picture, dust the TV, fluff the pillows....it was bad.

However, once I had kids it became nearly impossible to get to the gym anymore for those long workouts. Taking an hour long class and doing adding in some extra machine work in addition to all the travel time meant I was gone for nearly three hours! That just wasn't going to work on the reg. I had to figure out a plan where I could fit in my fitness and not be gone for hours on end.

I dedicated myself to accepting my new workout status, SAHE (Stay At Home Exerciser). I did everything I could to keep myself motivated, focused and bang it out while I had the time.

I created a fitness space where I could escape during nap time or when the kids went down at night that was all my own and it works great. But I am a major creature of habit and end up doing a lot of the same things which in turn leaves me feeling unchallenged. Plus, I am very competitive and like to be motivated by watching others...and of course out working them.

I had heard of this site, Daily Burn, seen their ads a few times and decided to give it a try. Heck, it was free for the first 30 days anyway, so why not? I was bored, wanted to try something new and since I could do it from home, it seemed like a good idea.

I made sure to check their cancellation policy first so I wouldn't get suckered into paying for something I didn't want to continue doing. It was easy enough to cancel the auto-renew (yes, you need to put in your credit information when creating an account), so I went for it.

Let me be the first to say, I am in love.  Why you ask? Well, let me tell you.
  1. Ease & Access. Anytime, anywhere. No matter where I am or how much time I have, I can squeeze something in. I can log on to my computer/device and choose from gads of classes. I can choose essentially anything I am in the mood for and can opt for no equipment if I am not at home. I can pause my workout if one of the kids wakes up, then pick right up where I left off. I don't have to worry about making it to a fitness class on time if something should go down as I am walking out the door...I make the class times.
  2. Variety. This bad boy has everything you could possibly think of. Whatever your goals/limitations/interests are there is something for you. I am constantly amazed at how many different programs there are to choose from and love mixing it up each day depending on my level of soreness (I cannot remember being as sore as I have been lately and I absolutely love it), level of mommy exhaustion and how desperately I want to kill it that day. Even better, you can filter workouts based on the time you have (range from 10-60+ minutes), equipment you have available and even the trainer you like! Not to mention each program has a weekly class schedule you can follow based on your fitness goals. It is pretty impressive.
  3. Price. As many of you know, gym memberships can be costly.  Well, with DB, the gym is in your home and their basic package starts at $14.95/month. To me, that is a steal. You can upgrade to a premium plan for an additional $10/month and get even more with access to archived workouts and nutrition support. Whether basic or premium, both offer an annual plan which will save you anywhere from $5-$10/month. Not bad considering most gyms start at double that cost.
  4. Community. While I don't necessarily utilize this aspect as I am highly self-motivated, a lot of people love it. DB has a built in community of followers which basically serves as a monster support system. You can interact regularly with trainers/other users or just read their posts by yourself...either way, you can stay motivated and connected with others who are embarking on the same healthy journey.
  5. Personalized. Following each video, you are asked for feedback regarding the workout style, trainer, time allotted and overall enjoyment. Your information then suggests alternative workouts based on your results (think of Netflix..."because you watched_____ you might like _____). Many workouts feature interactive challenge sections in which you record your reps and you can track your improvement through your profile. Additionally on your home page you will find the next workout in your program (if you decided to do one), popular workouts and you can even favorite workouts so they are right there when you are short on time (as I most often am).
  6. Something for Everyone. I have been sharing this little gem with basically everyone because there is literally something for everyone to do. Just getting back into fitness? They have beginner workouts. Want to be long and lean? Take your pic, Pilates, yoga, they got it all. Pregnant? They've got a whole program for that. Recovering from an injury? Don't worry, there is a program for restoration/prevention. I mean, no joke, there is something for the psycho cardio/insanity obsessed (aka, me) to the low impact strength lover.  Whatever you are, whatever goals you have, there is something for you. 
If you are a busy Thriving Wife/Mommy like me who wants/needs to be active but struggle to stick to a fitness routine, then Daily Burn just might be worth a try. At first I was worried I might not be able to make the time for me to justify paying for it, but it is rather the opposite. I can't seem to get enough.

I look forward to trying a new workout each day. I love getting to take that hip hop class I have been desperately wanting to do only to follow it up the next day with an Inferno workout that makes me want to die. Being so sore I can barely pick up my baby has been such a treat. I have been loving mixing it up with yoga, Pilates and Barre classes on my between days and keeping my muscles guessing. This has really been such a great investment for me and I strongly recommend you give it a try!

What is standing in the way of your healthy lifestyle? I know you have a computer, so head over to Daily Burn and check it out!

Strive to thrive, 

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