Thursday, April 20, 2017

Navigating Mommy-hood - 6 Months with #threeunderthree

SIX MONTHS!?! How is this possible? It was just yesterday I was experiencing pure magic as I birthed Mac into this world and became his mommy. Now, this baby beast is weighing in at 20 pounds and 28 inches...basically blowing up that dumb growth chart. 

Look here Father Time, you need to slow your roll a bit. I can't stand how fast you are making my babies grow up!

Here is the latest and greatest about Mac & Mommy and the last six months of navigating mommy-hood with three boys under the age of three...#goodtimes


The Dude as he is known at home, is nothing short of a huge hunk of perfection. Despite that slow start the first couple weeks of his life, once we got into our nursing rhythm he has showed NO signs of stopping. At his six month check up the doctor was amazed at how big he had gotten and was rather impressed with the power of my milk (I of course LOVED that feedback as I too am obsessed with breast milk). We both love our nursing sessions above all else and they are the highlight of our day. Just us, connecting and cuddling as we stare into each other's eyes...except when he feels the need to pop off to give me a big gummy smile...mmmmeeellllttt.

The fourth greatest love of my life is most often found smiling and giggling at everyone/everything around him. He loves his big brothers and could watch them all day. Thankfully, Puss and Peanut feel the same and are always asking to hold him, found kissing him, talking to him and showing him their collection of trucks. Needless to say, my heart is on the verge of complete explosion all. day. long.

Mac LOVES to be in his "jumpy jump" and moving like a mad man when he is awake. He rolls around and kicks his feet as often as he can and is sitting up with support. I know it is only a matter of minutes before he is sitting, scooting and crawling so I am cherishing every second of his development. 

Since he is such a big man, he quickly grew out of the mass amounts of cute clothes I had for him to wear (all hand me downs from his brother's of course...but most of it barely worn) and is already in 18 month clothes. I know, insane. He's got rolls and chunk all over and I couldn't love it more!

Dude is strictly a tummy sleeper who has transitioned beautifully from sleeping on my chest to his crib at 3 months. I was terrified about this process and my "momnesia" left me drawing a blank about how it went with the boys. I thought I recalled it being easy, but was I remembering that right? Thankfully it all went great!  Mac now goes to bed around 7pm, wakes up for a dream nurse/"fourth meal" between 10-11pm and then back to sleep until morning. While all mother's know the whole sleep thing is touch and go with all the growth spurts/teething and other changes, I take it day by day and am thankful for all the sleep I can get.

After only 6 months of having this amazing little person in my life, it is hard to comprehend a life without him. He is honestly the. best. We have such a special connection that I didn't have with the boys because this time around it is just us. Having two babies means you are constantly pulled in two directions. One baby? Man, that is a breeeeze. However, add in two busy toddlers and that is a challenge I face on the daily. And I wouldn't have it any other way!


Since October things have really changed. Dude is obviously at the mercy of his older brother's routine and I have had to really get creative (and a bit more relaxed) to ensure his needs are being put first. Thankfully, I am home with the boys more often than not so it is easy to try things out and see what works best for everyone.

While I haven't been able to get out to get fit necessarily, I have taken a whole new approach to working out at home. Since it is rare that all kids are sleeping at once, I tend to either workout with just The Dude or when the trio goes down for the night. I set up an extra bedroom as my little home gym and teach myself classes, sprint on the treadmill or lift weights. I have also recently become obsessed with Daily Burn and have used it to really start mixing up my fitness routine. That paired with eating healthy, keeping my house clean/tidy while racing around with the boys I was thrilled to see my scale declare I had gotten back down to pre pregnancy weight. Now, I just need to focus on toning it up and getting strong again...I welcome the challenge!

I have started to get out more now and embrace the fact that having three littles ones is my life and I need not fear going out into the world alone with them. If they melt down, they melt down, whatever. I have things to do and these guys are my out we go!

My big boys are pretty much well oiled machines when it comes to most things in their life. They know their routine, they know what is expected of them and for the most part they are very well behaved. Granted their have their moments, but since I have a background in behavior I love to use my professional skills at home. Because they are such gems it makes having ONE baby seem almost too easy. I can breastfeed him anywhere at anytime so that's easy. I can throw his crap in my purse and go anywhere at a moments notice,  that's easy. I can wear him and hold the boys hands when we are out, so that's easy....hey, this one baby thing is kind of a breeze...and I must say, I love it!

I look forward to the following months to come while also dreading them as it only means more of my angels' precious childhood slipping away. Watching them interact, hugging them and playing our silly games has proven to be the best years of my life. I know we have lots more fun to come and I am determined to live in the moment and hold on to them as long as I can. 

As I continue to navigate mommy-hood and encounter new challenges each day, I always take a moment to remember what an honor it is to be a mommy to these three boys. They have given me purpose, more joy than I could have ever imagined and are my everything.  So here we go...the second half of the first year...can't wait to see what is in store for us!

Have a new baby in your life? How have you been adjusting to mommy-hood as it constantly changes?

Strive to thrive, 

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