Tuesday, May 2, 2017

4 Ingredient Protein Bites

I tend to buy any/everything that Costco has to offer if it is organic. Well, when I spotted organic dates in the produce section, I bought them and then got home wondering what on Earth I was to do with all those damn dates.

Thankfully I happened upon the easiest most delicious recipe for protein balls using only a few ingredients. I decided to give them a try and I will assure you...I am beyond obsessed.

As a busy mom of three under three and a devout vegetarian (unless I decide to break my commitment on a spicy tuna roll every year or so...) I not only often forget to eat, but I also forget to eat enough of the good stuff. Granted, I am a naturally healthy eater, but making sure I am getting enough protein is important, especially when sustaining the life of one fat little man too.

These are not only easy to make, taste like heaven, but they are the best thing for me as I can grab them, pop in my mouth and get back to whatever I am doing. Whether I am rushing out the door or chasing after kids, these are just what this mommy needed in her life!

The best part? My kids love to help me make them and eat them too!

Simply throw the ingredients in a food processor and you are ready to roll...literally!

Since I use a small Ninja for most things (I have yet to bust out my wedding gift of a monster food processor...I am sort of scared of it for some reason...?) I broke my batch into two doing the cashews first. If you have no fear of a large processor and have one that can accommodate the whole load...GO FOR IT!

My boys LOVE to help me in the kitchen, especially when their are buttons involved, so naturally they each got a turn...hi-ya!

With a bowl full of crushed cashews, it was time to add the dates, plant based vegan protein powder (I use Vega from Costco as recommended to me by my clean eating SIL) and organic coconut oil.

When you are done you will have a bowl full of soft, quasi sticky, protein filled goodness that is ready to be balled up and popped in your mouth.

I tend to have my little handed assistants help me with the rolling so we have protein bites of all sizes. Some for busy mommy, some for busy boys.

Before you know it you will have balls for days. Store in an air tight container in the fridge and eat them within ten days...well let's see if yours last more than two...mine usually do not.

I cannot say enough good stuff about these suckers. You can use any nuts, protein powder or added super seed you like. They are tasty, good for you and will surely save any busy mommy in a pinch or on the verge of passing out (this tends to happen to me a lot). Post late night feeding, pre-work out...I mean, really, anything. Can you tell I am obsessed?

Hope you try them today and please tell me what you think!

Strive to thrive, 

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  1. These look super delicious and fun for littles to help make!
    I am going to have to try these and take a bag with me to work so I can pop them in for a quick snack!

    Lisa @ Showered With Design

    1. Lisa,
      They are the BEST! Please let us know what you think!

      Strive to thrive,


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