Tuesday, March 21, 2017

DIY Spring Flower Picture

The shortest/non-existent winter is behind us and it is with open arms that this heat lovin' mommy welcomes Spring. What better way to get the season started than with a fun and easy art project for the little ones. Grab your supplies, head outside and get crafting while enjoying the beautiful weather.

All you need to get started is some card-stock (cut the sheet into thirds), non toxic/washable/safe for littles paint, small plates/napkins, a foam brush and sweet, sweeeet tiny hands.

Make sure you set up an art area that is ready for a mess. If you have already created an art cart then you are one step ahead. We used our outdoor table covered with a plastic table cloth for easy cleaning. Toddlers + paint = mess. 

Decide what colors you want for your blooms; I went with pink and yellow. The green paint will serve as your stem and thumb print leaves therefore, all you will need is two to three colors. If you aren't too interested in purchasing a paint variety pack you can buy singles. But I would suggest getting the pack as it ends up being cheaper and you are sure to use it as there is an endless amount of toddler art projects. 

Now lets get started! Dump out a bit of paint on each plate or napkin so that a little hand can smear it around juuuuuuust right. My boys each chose a color (ok, that is a lie, I assigned a color) and took turns getting their hand coated.

Taking your cut sheet of card stock, grab that sweet little painted hand and PRESS it down nice and firm to get your first bloom. If you are like me and plan to do multiples, set it aside and grab the next sheet. Re-press into paint, re-press onto paper...again and again...well don't forget to kiss your little in between of course...

Once you are done with one kid/color/flower get them cleaned up and on to something else while you get started on the other one.

Whooo hooo! Success. I added my boys' names next to their print and then let those beautiful blooms dry for a bit while I prepared for the next step...adding the stem and leaves. 

I let the boys do some drawing while they waited for their flowers to dry...they never get to use real markers (only those fancy magic ones that don't get everywhere) unless under SERIOUS supervision so this was quite a treat for them.

Once they are dry, grab that foam brush and add a little green paint. Give your flower prints a nice stem to stand on and then get ready to wrangle two little thumbs.

I had each boy put their thumb into the green paint, then press down (on the same side as their name) to add a tiny leaf to the stem. I was dying at how cute these were turning out!

When your flowers are complete, it is time to hang your bouquet for a final dry in that fresh Spring air! 

Grab a marker, add the date and these cuties are ready to display and be sent to family for some seasonal cheer!

Our gallery is boasting these flowers and I can't wait to get started on our next project...what will it be?!

Strive to thrive, 

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