Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Custom Kitchen Booth

I have always wanted a diner-esque corner booth in my kitchen. At our old house we didn't have the space, but in our new home we had the most PERFECT corner in our kitchen nook. Ever since we bought our dream house almost two years ago I have been eyeing it and dreaming of filling it with the most perfect bench like seating.

As with most initial obsessions, I needed to find some visual Pin-speration to help me determine the best way to get this dream accomplished. I found some pretty interesting DIY ideas, but there was no way I could build it and while my husband is super handy, he is also super busy and I knew it wouldn't be fair to ask him to take on yet another one of my "demands".

Kitchen nook before bench..table and chairs...
Since my Thriving Mommy's home had recently been completed, we were lucky to have some legit contacts for all our home improvement needs.  I reached out to a local professional and shared my vision. He listened, took some measurements and gave me a price. I was so excited I could barely stand it! Two rectangles with under storage, easy enough right?! 

Well, as with most pros, this gentlemen was a true artist. He looked at a couple pictures I had sent him and then just went for it. Materials were purchased, baseboard was taken from the nook-in-mind and he quickly got to work.

Then, it was finally done and ready to be installed...

He completely exceeded my expectations with the details and overall amazing-ness of the bench. To ensure it matched the rest of the kitchen, he took our existing cabinet paint and had it matched to some super heavy duty paint so I could scrub that bench after the boys made their regular meal messes.

He made sure the bench top would lift and close carefully so no little fingers would get smashed.

Each cubby was perfect for appliances/cooking supplies alike and I was THRILLED at how it turned out!

Since he built the bench to custom fit our existing table and chairs (it was my great grandparents and I loved it), it was of course a PERFECT fit. The boys even were able to ditch their booster seats since I could squish them in between the wall and table. They loved it and so did I since I could easily store them right below their little tushies.

With the bench built, painted, installed and baseboard-ed up, it was time to decide on my decor. I wanted a very simple backless bench where I could add some pillows to warm it up.

I found these guys on clearance at Target and snapped them up since they went with the colors of the kitchen and complemented the lovely fabric my TM had covered my chairs in. As a mommy to three little ones, of course I need everything to be practical. I love the pillow look, but with all the peanut butter/mustard/burrito hands that I see on a daily basis...these guys sit safely in a bench cubby until they boys are done eating.

I am absolutely in love with my new diner booth and couldn't not be more thankful to the talented Mr.C who took a chance on a crazy Thriving Wife with a vision only in her head. I have so much more room in that nook of the kitchen now and post-meal clean up is a breeze! Just wipe down the table, benches, floor and DONE!

Do you have a corner begging to be booth-ed in your kitchen? Well, now is the time to design and hire a professional. Trust, it will be money well spent!

Strive to thrive, 

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