Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How to Update Vintage Furniture

Upon moving into my new home I was pretty surprised that I had just about enough stuff to furnish my new home...despite it being double the size! One thing I did need was a table for my kitchen's breakfast nook/future homework central. Just as I was about hit the garage sale circuit and check out my local Goodwill, my Geena (beautiful grandmother) suggested I take the set she was keeping in her guest house. It belonged to my great-grandmother, (the OE, Original Emilia) and had a table and six chairs.  I knew just the one she was talking about and thought it was a GREAT idea! The table was strong, sturdy with pops of pale yellow. It was perfect!
My family brought it down for me and my TM and I got to cleaning and assessing how to update this little ditty to really make a statement in my new kitchen. Aside from a good scrubbing, we decided that the cushions could absolutely stand for a little makeover. 

Off to JoAnn's we went to pick out some new fabric.  Since the table and chairs already had hints of yellow, I was thrilled to find the perfect fabric to compliment its natural beauty. It even had hydrangeas for goodness sake; my FAVE! Then off came the cushions with one easy hit from our trusty drill. Granted the screws were a little old and took a little umfph, but we got 'em!

With the skeleton of of our chair available, we gave it another scrub down and prepared our staple gun to re-cover the seats.

We made sure the fabric could be pulled tight, tucked and stapled and that there would still be more to make it look know in case anyone wanted to flip over the chair and examine our handy work.

First pulled tight around the edges...

Then brought in to secure the corners.

The excess material created a little flap of sorts that then held it all together nice and pretty.  Viola! It was perfect!

With one down, we admired the upgrade and moved on to the next chair.

Once covered, it was time to put the chair back together. We grabbed our screws and drilled them in.

Now would you look at that! In just an hour we were able to transform a shabby table into a chic kitchen addition!

HUGE thank you to my Thriving Mommy who never shies away from helping me complete my seemingly endless house projects. You are the best and I would be lost without  you!

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