Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Plateau Problems: How to Get Over the Weight Loss Hump

Weight loss is a journey, often times a pretty crappy one. Doesn't it just drive you crazy that it takes months and months to take it off but you can pack it on in what seems like only weeks? Well, that is why it is of the utmost importance to never pack it on.

When working to lose weight, nothing is more frustrating then hitting "the plateau".  That pesky place where the weight just sort of stops coming off. You know you have more to lose, but the initial drop has come and gone and now you are just stuck.  What do you do? Well, you change up your approach to exercise and your calorie intake.

Your body is a machine and it is not rocket science to determine what it needs to thrive. A healthy lifestyle will keep you slim; exercise and a proper diet. When it comes to the physical activity, muscles have memory and if you do the same things over and over they remember and are no longer challenged (hence why you stop seeing change). You need to constantly keep your body guessing and letting different muscles work in order to continue to burn calories. Not sure what to do? Mix it up and push yourself.

Here are some great workouts that will get you sweating:

The key when doing any of these cardio workouts is to HIIT it, that's right, High Intensity Interval Training. You want results, HIIT it and HIIT it hard. These high intensity intervals are far better than a 30 minute jog. Get your heart rate up, recover, get it up again, recover and so on...never let your body anticipate what is next.

With a change in your routine, keeping calories under close watch and drinking lots of water you are sure to spark a new drop in pounds. Need more ideas on workout routines, email me and I am happy to help!

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