Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Back in the Saddle Again

As many of you know I am a dedicated cycler.  I take classes whenever I can and even became certified to teach four years ago. I love this workout and enjoy every second of sweat dripping from my body while trying to achieve total exhaustion. I didn't think it was possible to love cycle more...that is, until I tried Bike2theBeat in Newport Beach. Oh. My. Goodness.  It was everything I loved all wrapped up in one, hour long, heart pounding workout. It was everything I needed to help me on my journey of, "Mommy Get That Body Back".

When you walk into this little studio, you will be most likely be greeted by the owner, Mindy.  She will welcome you, ask if it is your first time and make sure you have shoes (if you don't already have  your own). As other first timers arrive, she explains just how  "Beat Brats" roll and what to expect from the next hour.  She takes time to answer questions, motivate all her clients and get everyone in the waiting area pumped to take on what she and her team of instructors are going to dish out.  Then the doors to the Beatbox open and it is time to get this party started; and a party is just what it is.

As you prepare to hop on your bike, it isn't going to be the usual set up. I myself went on auto pilot and started to adjust my seat as I always do...well not here.  We don't sit on that seat for anything but to recover, so don't even bother.  This workout is all out of the saddle, so those legs and backside work the entire time, ooooh yeah. Once you are clipped in your pedals it is time to rock n' roll. Off go the lights and you pitch black...for the!

LET'S HIT IT! As soon as the music and lights kick in it is as if you have transported to the most popular night club in town, but you won't have sore legs from dancing in heels, you will have sore legs from powering those pedals baby. On go the black lights while colors fly through the room in sync with the beats of the fast paced, loud music.  As you drive your knees up with the beat, the dance moves start getting called out and your upper body starts to move side to side. Core is stabilizing you as you move back and forth rocking out to the music. It is absolute heaven, let me tell you.  This is not your average cycle class, no more boring, lighting monitored, music controlled typical cycle class at your regular gym. This is a good time.

The instructors do a phenomenal job making everyone who comes in the beatbox comfortable and ready to work. You will feel motivated to do your best and leave it all on the bike; this class is for everyone. After taking so much time off due to pregnancy and recovering from my C-section, I was beyond thrilled to get back on a bike.  When the time came, I decided to branch out from my gym and try something a bit different. Boy am I glad I did. This truly embodies all the things I love: dancing, the latest jams and exercise...You must try it!

With a New Year upon us, it is time to get out of that comfort zone you've been hiding in all of 2014. Check out your latest Groupon and see what new things you may be interested in trying. Grab a friend and sign up, you never know, you may just find a beatbox of your own to fall in love with!

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